Unaired Pokemon episodes now available

Pokémon' series ends after 25 years and 1,200 episodes

A recent report has brought to light the possibility of two lost episodes of the Pokemon anime resurfacing after almost a decade. The episodes in question, 23 and 24 of the Black and White series, never aired on television due to the natural disasters that struck Japan in 2011. The events of the two episodes were deemed too insensitive to broadcast in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country. However, rumors have circulated for years among fans about the existence of the unaired episodes, which promised to feature an epic showdown between Team Rocket and Team Plasma, two of the most infamous villainous organizations in the Pokemon universe.

The news comes courtesy of a post on the popular Pokemon fan site Bulbagarden, where a user going by the name of ObjectionMan claims to have found an anonymous buyer who had purchased the scripts for the two missing episodes. According to the post, the buyer had shared scans of the scripts with a friend, who had never made them public until now. ObjectionMan claims to have spoken with the seller and arranged to purchase the scans, but was unable to raise the necessary funds. A GoFundMe campaign was launched to raise the money, but it was later removed by the creator, who claimed to have “great news” to share with the community.

While it’s not clear whether the actual episodes themselves will ever be released, the discovery of the scripts has sparked renewed interest in the lost chapters of the Pokemon anime. The unaired episodes have long been a source of speculation and rumor among fans, who have been eager to see the conclusion of the Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma story arc. If the scripts are made available, it could provide insight into what might have been had the episodes been aired. Regardless of whether the episodes are ever released, it’s clear that the excitement and passion for the Pokemon franchise is as strong as ever among its fanbase.

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