New Pokémon male hero has a skill that would make Ash jealous

The Pokemon anime has a new male hero, and his name is Roy. Introduced in the recent rebooted series, Roy is already proving to be a fascinating character, with a unique skill that sets him apart from previous protagonists, including Ash Ketchum. Roy is a young boy living on a remote island near the Kanto region with his grandfather, where no Pokemon trainers live. Despite this, Roy dreams of becoming a Pokemon trainer himself and has been practicing for the day he can achieve his dream.

One of the ways Roy has been practicing is by throwing rocks, which may sound like a silly pastime, but it has proven to be an impressive skill. Roy’s ability to skip stones and ricochet them off objects is on a level that has never really been seen before in the anime. While Ash was decent at throwing Poke Balls, the only character in the old anime who really had skill at throwing was his Journeys companion, Goh.

Roy’s talent at throwing stones is evident from the start, as he demonstrates it while sitting on the beach near his home, skipping stones off the ocean bay. Later, Roy decides he wants an Oran Berry and throws another stone that bounces off of half a dozen trees before perfectly cutting the berry free from its branch, causing it to land on the ground where he could reach it. Roy later puts that skill to use to protect Pokemon Horizons’ new heroine, Liko, from the rampaging Pokemon, using the sound of the rock bouncing off of trees to get their attention and distract them. Although both Liko and Roy were ultimately captured by the wild Pokemon, the distraction was initially pretty effective.

Although Roy has yet to throw an actual Poke Ball, it’s pretty clear that his skills will transfer over nicely. While Ash was shown to have pretty good aim over the years, he rarely missed the Pokemon he threw at, but Ash has never been able to pull off trick shots like Roy’s. Goh was pretty good at curveballs and long-distance throws and made extensive use of that skill when catching wild Pokemon in most episodes in which he appeared, but even his tricks are no match for Roy’s.

Roy’s special skill adds a unique dimension to his character, making him stand out from the other Pokemon protagonists. With this talent, he is sure to become an excellent Pokemon trainer and catch many Pokemon in his journey. The new Pokemon series seems to be taking a fresh approach to its characters, with Roy and Liko both standing out in their own ways. It will be interesting to see how these characters develop over time and what other unique skills they bring to the table.

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