Ranking ‘Death Note’ characters

Poster for the Death Note anime series
  1. Light Yagami – A high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written in it.
  2. L Lawliet – A mysterious detective who is determined to catch Light and bring him to justice.
  3. Misa Amane – A popular model and actress who also possesses a Death Note.
  4. Ryuk – A shinigami (death god) who drops his Death Note into the human world, setting off the events of the story.
  5. Near – A young detective who is a successor to L and also seeks to capture Light.
  6. Mello – Another successor to L who has a more aggressive and impulsive personality than Near.
  7. Soichiro Yagami – Light’s father and the head of the National Police Agency’s task force to capture Kira (Light’s alias).
  8. Teru Mikami – A passionate supporter of Kira who becomes the fourth Kira and a crucial player in the story’s climax.
  9. Rem – A female shinigami who develops a strong attachment to Misa and helps her in her endeavors.
  10. Kiyomi Takada – A news anchor and former girlfriend of Light who becomes the fifth Kira.

These characters are integral to the story of ‘Death Note’ and play significant roles in the narrative. Each character brings their own unique perspective and motivations to the story, making for a complex and engaging plot.

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