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Top 10 Scarlet & Violet TCG Cards Featuring Beautiful Pokemon Designs

The Scarlet & Violet TCG set features beautiful card designs that showcase some of the most stunning and visually appealing Pokemon. These cards have been highly sought after by collectors and players alike. Here are the top 10 Scarlet & Violet TCG cards that feature some of the most beautiful Pokemon designs: Shiny Charizard V […]

Types and Weaknesses in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

In the world of Pokémon, battles are an essential part of the game. As a trainer, it is important to have a good understanding of the different types of Pokémon and their elemental weaknesses. Knowing your opponent’s weaknesses can help you gain an upper hand in battle and emerge victorious. If you’re playing the Nintendo […]

Ranking the top 10 Pokemon abilities

Ranking the top 10 Pokemon abilities is a popular topic among Pokemon fans and players. Abilities are special attributes that enhance a Pokemon’s strength and allow them to perform unique moves or resistances. Some abilities are better than others, and ranking them can help players strategize and choose the best Pokemon for their team. The […]

Top 10 Dark-Type Pokémon Designs Ranked

Top 10 Dark-type Pokemon designs, ranked based on their aesthetic appeal, originality, and popularity among fans: Umbreon – This sleek and mysterious Eeveelution takes the top spot with its deep blue and black color scheme, glowing rings, and striking red eyes. Its design perfectly embodies the Dark type, while also standing out as a unique […]

Pokemon Go players reject gift from Niantic, still not playing

In recent weeks, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, has faced criticism from players over several issues, including the recent price increase of Remote Raid Passes from 100 Pokecoins to 195. This decision has negatively impacted players’ Raid experiences, particularly those with disabilities and those living in rural communities. As a result, Pokemon Go users […]

New Pokémon male hero has a skill that would make Ash jealous

The Pokemon anime has a new male hero, and his name is Roy. Introduced in the recent rebooted series, Roy is already proving to be a fascinating character, with a unique skill that sets him apart from previous protagonists, including Ash Ketchum. Roy is a young boy living on a remote island near the Kanto […]

Unaired Pokemon episodes now available

A recent report has brought to light the possibility of two lost episodes of the Pokemon anime resurfacing after almost a decade. The episodes in question, 23 and 24 of the Black and White series, never aired on television due to the natural disasters that struck Japan in 2011. The events of the two episodes […]

Pokémon fan art depicts Dragonite as a character from Demon Slayer

A talented Pokemon fan recently shared a fascinating piece of fan art that reimagines Dragonite as a Demon Slayer. The fan art, which was shared on Reddit and the artist’s Instagram profile, shows Dragonite wearing a costume with details that replicate the scales of a dragon. The Pokemon carries a blue sword, which the artist […]

Getting Larvesta and Volcarona in Pokemon Go, and can they be Shiny?

Larvesta and Volcarona are two of the most sought-after Pokemon in the popular mobile game, Pokemon Go. These two fire and bug-type Pokemon have finally made their debut in the game, and trainers around the world are eager to catch them. But catching them is not an easy task, and many trainers are left wondering […]

Lost Pokémon anime episodes found after 12 years

In the spring of 2011, Japanese broadcasters decided not to air two episodes from the Pokémon anime due to a catastrophic earthquake that hit the east coast of Japan, resulting in widespread devastation and loss of life. The natural disaster caused two episodes of the Black & White anime to be postponed, but that postponement […]