The new Ultimate Green Goblin channels Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man vibes

Ultimate Spider-Man #2

Is the fresh iteration of the Ultimate Green Goblin a friend or foe? Marvel has unveiled a glimpse of Spider-Man’s notorious nemesis on the cover of Ultimate Spider-Man #2 by artist Marco Checchetto. The design carries echoes of Sam Raimi’s Green Goblin, played by Willem Dafoe.

While there are some distinctions, such as the absence of the gaping maw in the helmet and a heightened presence of purple in the costume, the new Ultimate Green Goblin embraces the plated and segmented armored aesthetic reminiscent of the classic movie version. This departure from the traditional Green Goblin look in the mainstream Marvel Universe makes the Ultimate version stand out significantly.

In contrast to the monstrous Green Goblin of the original Ultimate Universe, the new design takes a different approach, avoiding the massive and Hulk-like appearance with hellfire abilities.

The previous Ultimate Green Goblin had a significant impact on the Ultimate Universe, killing the original Peter Parker before meeting his own demise in battle, leading to the rise of Miles Morales as the second Ultimate Spider-Man.

In this new continuity, however, expectations may be subverted, as writer Jonathan Hickman has already introduced a different origin for the new Ultimate Peter Parker. Acquiring his powers in adulthood as a married father, this Spider-Man faces a unique set of challenges.

Despite the anticipation surrounding the new Ultimate Green Goblin, details about the character’s identity and alignment remain shrouded in mystery. The sparse press release from Marvel provides minimal information, leaving readers to speculate on whether this iteration is indeed a foe or an entirely new character.

More insights into the Ultimate Green Goblin’s role will be unveiled with the release of Ultimate Spider-Man #1 on January 10, followed by Ultimate Spider-Man #2 on February 21.

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