Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 showcases Insomniac’s ability to excel with major superheroes

Insomniac has become synonymous with high-quality Marvel games, and Spider-Man 2 demonstrates the studio’s potential with a different superhero.

Over the last half-decade, Insomniac has not only proven its ability to create excellent Marvel games but has excelled at it. Marvel’s Spider-Man, released in 2018, was a monumental success, featuring impressive traversal and combat mechanics alongside a captivating storyline. The game showcased Insomniac’s passion for the Marvel universe, a trend that continues with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Insomniac is currently handling multiple projects, including the development of Marvel’s Wolverine and the addition of a new game plus mode for Spider-Man 2. Rumors also circulate about potential DLC or a partial sequel. Despite the studio’s packed schedule, Spider-Man 2 reveals Insomniac’s capability to explore other superheroes.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Sequence with Venom Illustrates Insomniac’s Potential for Big Heroes

Spider-Man 2 features a Venom sequence, fulfilling a longstanding desire among fans for Venom to be playable in the sequel. While the playable Venom segment is relatively short, lasting about 20 minutes, it marks the commencement of the game’s extensive final act. Players assume control of Harry Osborn, who transforms into the formidable Venom, allowing them to wreak havoc in Oscorp Industries.

The sequence emphasizes Venom’s threat to Spider-Men, allowing players to experience the character’s power firsthand. Insomniac excels in portraying Venom as a menacing, hulking monster with weighty movements and impactful attacks. The gameplay segment introduces brutal finishers, showcasing Venom’s ferocity and emphasizing the studio’s ability to design large, powerful characters.

This Venom gameplay section not only sparks discussions about a potential spinoff for the character but also opens the door to other possibilities. Insomniac’s adeptness at designing sizable characters positions the studio as a strong contender for developing an Incredible Hulk video game. The gameplay mechanics for Venom and Hulk share similarities, providing Insomniac with a solid foundation for a potential Hulk game. The prospect of a destructible open environment for Hulk to roam, akin to Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, could be a promising direction for Insomniac.

Furthermore, the Venom sequence suggests that Insomniac could explore team-up games, bringing together characters like the Spider-Men, Wolverine, and Hulk. Each character could feature distinct gameplay styles based on their respective appearances in Insomniac’s past and upcoming games.

In summary, Spider-Man 2’s Venom sequence showcases Insomniac’s expertise in handling formidable heroes, potentially paving the way for future projects beyond the Spider-Man universe.

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