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Twitter celebrates Fairy Tail manga’s 16th anniversary

On the joyous occasion of the 16th anniversary of the Fairy Tail manga, fans took to Twitter in a frenzy of excitement, commemorating this milestone and reliving some of the most impactful and cherished moments from the anime and manga series. It was back on August 2, 2006, when the very first chapter of Fairy […]

Zeref, Fairy Tail’s Infamous Mage – Justified Motives behind Sinister Actions

Zeref, the notorious Black Mage in Fairy Tail, is often regarded as the series’ most malevolent mage. However, a closer examination of his motives reveals a justification for the choices he made. Zeref’s tragic backstory adds depth to his character and sheds light on his actions. Born during an era when dragons ruled, he experienced […]

Fairy Tail’s Unmistakable Influences: 10 Anime Inspirations

While it is common for anime and manga to be influenced by each other, some fans have noticed similarities between Fairy Tail and other popular series. Here are 10 instances where Fairy Tail drew inspiration or shared similarities with other anime: Guild System: Fairy Tail’s guild system, where mages unite under a common banner, draws […]

Understanding Fairy Tail’s Dragon Slayers

Understanding the Power of Fairy Tail’s Dragon Slayers Dragon Slayers in the world of Fairy Tail possess incredible strength, rivaling that of actual dragons. These formidable wizards derive their powers from draconic origins, making them a force to be reckoned with. While the series introduced various types of Dragon Slayers, keeping track of them all […]

Hiro Mashima recommends an underrated manga for all to read

In the highly competitive manga industry, where numerous new series debut each year vying for recognition, creators are constantly seeking ways to promote their works. And Hiro Mashima, the mastermind behind the popular Fairy Tail series, is no exception. Recently, Mashima took the opportunity to recommend an underrated manga that deserves more attention. The series […]

Free spin codes for Fairy Tail: Lost Souls in Roblox (October 2022)

Roblox’s Fairy Tail: Lost Souls, based on the popular manga and anime series, offers players the opportunity to gain an advantage through free codes. These codes unlock bonus skins, virtual currency, and spins within the game. Currently, the game has garnered significant attention, with 14k likes, 5.6 million visits, and 45,626 players adding it to […]

Fairy Tail Magic Era codes

Experience the ultimate showdown in Roblox as you brawl with the best using the incredible Roblox Fairy Tail Magic Era codes. These codes grant you access to additional spins, allowing you to acquire superior buffs, benefits, and much more to dominate the game. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Magic Era, a thrilling Roblox […]

Kodansha and Humble Bundle join forces for Hiro Mashima Universe Humble Bundle, providing $1400 worth of manga for only $30

Kodansha, a prominent manga publisher, has partnered with Humble Bundle, a platform known for its charitable bundles, to unveil their latest collaborative offering: the Hiro Mashima Universe Humble Bundle. This exclusive bundle grants fans and manga enthusiasts the opportunity to dive into the captivating worlds created by renowned mangaka Hiro Mashima at an unprecedented value. […]

Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and other creators to attend K MANGA Launch Party

Experience an extraordinary gathering of the greatest minds in anime and manga. Kodansha, Japan’s renowned publishing giant, is thrilled to present the K MANGA Launch Party—an exclusive online event that unites the vibrant anime and manga community with the brilliant creators behind legendary series like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and a multitude of other […]