Free spin codes for Fairy Tail: Lost Souls in Roblox (October 2022)

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Roblox’s Fairy Tail: Lost Souls, based on the popular manga and anime series, offers players the opportunity to gain an advantage through free codes. These codes unlock bonus skins, virtual currency, and spins within the game. Currently, the game has garnered significant attention, with 14k likes, 5.6 million visits, and 45,626 players adding it to their “Favorite” list.

Here is a list of active and expired codes for Fairy Tail: Lost Souls in Roblox:

Active codes:

  • !code betterrates: Free spins
  • !code lightning: Free spins
  • !code spooky: Free spins
  • !code srry4shutdowns: Free spins
  • !code touchgrass: Free spins

Expired codes:

  • !code ArcOfTimeCopy: Free Spins
  • !code arigatoCopy: 500 Spins
  • !code blamejayCopy: 9,000 Spins
  • !code brilliantCopy: Free Spins
  • !code dangernoodleCopy: 200 Spins
  • !code darkCopy: 50 Spins
  • !code dethCopy: 666 Spins
  • !code devilslayeropCopy: Free Spins
  • !code edgysolidscriptCopy: 800 Spins
  • !code electrictimeCopy: 35 Spins
  • !code elfmantimeCopy: 50 Spins
  • !code erikdadCopy: 250 Spins
  • !code erzatimeCopy: 150 Spins
  • !code fixedCopy: Free Spins
  • !code fixesCopy: 350 Spins
  • !code formula1337Copy: 600 Spins
  • !code ftlsrevivalCopy: 1,000 Spins
  • !code galunatimeCopy: 200 Spins
  • !code gildartsagainCopy: Free Spins
  • !code gildartsdadCopy: Free Spins
  • !code gmgagainagainCopy: 400 Spins
  • !code whyCopy: 11,500 Spins
  • !code virusohnoCopy: Free Spins

To redeem codes in Fairy Tail: Lost Souls, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game and locate the chat window.
  2. Once the game has loaded, enter the code in the pop-up window that appears. You can type or copy and paste the code.
  3. Press enter to redeem the code. If the code redemption is unsuccessful, you can try restarting the game and attempting again.

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