Kodansha and Humble Bundle join forces for Hiro Mashima Universe Humble Bundle, providing $1400 worth of manga for only $30

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Kodansha, a prominent manga publisher, has partnered with Humble Bundle, a platform known for its charitable bundles, to unveil their latest collaborative offering: the Hiro Mashima Universe Humble Bundle. This exclusive bundle grants fans and manga enthusiasts the opportunity to dive into the captivating worlds created by renowned mangaka Hiro Mashima at an unprecedented value. Featuring a vast array of titles from Mashima’s impressive repertoire, this bundle is a treasure trove for fans and newcomers alike.

One of the noteworthy aspects of this collaboration is the sheer amount of content included in the bundle. With a staggering $1400 worth of manga, this limited-time offering is available for the remarkably affordable price of just $30. It encompasses the entirety of the legendary Fairy Tail series, comprising all 63 volumes, as well as the complete collection of Rave Master, spanning 35 volumes. Furthermore, fans will find 17 volumes of Edens Zero, another highly acclaimed creation by Mashima, among the numerous treasures within the bundle.

Not only does this collaboration provide manga enthusiasts with an extensive collection of Mashima’s works, but it also supports a worthy cause. The Hiro Mashima Universe Humble Bundle proudly lends its support to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC), an organization dedicated to assisting bookstore owners, booksellers, and comic store employees and owners during times of unforeseen emergency financial needs. By participating in this bundle, buyers have the opportunity to contribute to the essential work carried out by BINC, ensuring the well-being and livelihoods of those in the book industry.

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Humble Bundle offers a unique and flexible payment structure, allowing buyers to pay what they want and choose how much of their purchase will go towards supporting BINC. Alternatively, buyers can also opt to support a charity of their choice via the PayPal Giving Fund, further expanding the impact of their generosity.

The bundle is structured into tiers, each offering an increasing selection of manga volumes. For a minimum payment of $5 or more, buyers gain access to the initial tier, which includes volumes 1 to 10 of Fairy Tail, volumes 1 to 2 of Edens Zero, and volumes 1 to 3 of Rave Master. By paying $18 or more, buyers unlock the second tier, granting them volumes 11 to 30 of Fairy Tail, volumes 3 to 4 of Edens Zero, Hiro Mashima’s Playground (a unique compilation), and volumes 4 to 12 of Rave Master, among other additions.

At a payment of $25 or more, buyers gain access to the third tier, encompassing volumes 31 to 50 of Fairy Tail, volumes 5 to 6 of Edens Zero, volumes 13 to 25 of Rave Master, as well as volumes 1 to 2 of Monster Soul and Fairy Girls. Finally, by paying $30 or more, buyers reach the fourth and final tier, unlocking the complete collection of Fairy Tail with volumes 51 to 63, volumes 7 to 17 of Edens Zero, volumes 26 to 35 of Rave Master, and an array of additional titles including Fairy Tail: Happy’s Heroic Adventure, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, Fairy Tail: Ice Trail, and Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral, among others.

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In addition to the remarkable selection of manga, the Hiro Mashima Universe Humble Bundle promises to keep buyers updated on future releases from Kodansha and any upcoming Humble Bundle releases, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the exciting and ever-evolving manga landscape.

With its unrivaled value, diverse content, and charitable focus, the Hiro Mashima Universe Humble Bundle offers an extraordinary opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the captivating worlds crafted by Hiro Mashima while contributing to a worthy cause that supports those within the book industry. Don’t miss out on this exceptional bundle, as it promises to deliver countless hours of entertainment and support to those who need it most.

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