Zeref, Fairy Tail’s Infamous Mage – Justified Motives behind Sinister Actions

Zeref, the notorious Black Mage in Fairy Tail, is often regarded as the series’ most malevolent mage. However, a closer examination of his motives reveals a justification for the choices he made.

Zeref’s tragic backstory adds depth to his character and sheds light on his actions. Born during an era when dragons ruled, he experienced the devastation of losing his entire family to a dragon attack. The loss of his parents and younger brother, Natsu, left him as the sole survivor, leading to a profound sense of loneliness and abandonment.

Similar to other anime and manga narratives, the theme of tragic loss resonates with viewers. Characters like Eren from Attack on Titan, the Elric brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist, and Hinami from Tokyo Ghoul have also endured heartbreaking losses, driving them to act in unpredictable ways. Zeref’s desire for reunion with his family is a relatable longing.

In his quest to revive his deceased brother, Zeref becomes cursed with Ankhersam’s Curse of Contradiction, a curse that causes him to unintentionally kill everything he loves. This immortality and uncontrollable destructive power torment him, exacerbating his already fragile mental state. Zeref’s connection with Mavis, who also suffers from the curse, provides solace and understanding, but their love is ultimately consumed by the curse.

Natsu, Zeref’s resurrected brother, sees him as an enemy due to his lack of memory. The emotional encounter on Tenrou Island showcases Natsu’s rejection of Zeref, further fueling his resentment towards the world. The subsequent conflict in the Alvarez Empire arc positions the two brothers on opposite sides of a war, with Natsu tasked with defeating Zeref.

Despite his villainous actions, Zeref’s regret and desire to make amends with Natsu before his demise highlight his complex nature. He longed for reconciliation and only sought a means to reunite with his loved ones and end his eternal suffering. Ultimately, Zeref’s actions were driven by his deep love for his family, even if they appeared cruel to others.

In conclusion, while Zeref is perceived as Fairy Tail’s most evil mage, delving into his backstory reveals a character driven by tragedy and a desire for redemption. His actions, although morally questionable, were rooted in the pursuit of reuniting with his lost family and finding respite from his curse.

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