Report: Universal Nearing Deal for ‘Legend of Zelda’ Movie

Universal and Illumination are reportedly about to close a big deal for a Legend of Zelda movie with Nintendo.

According to recent reports from Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic podcast (via Consequence), Universal Pictures, in collaboration with Illumination, is reportedly on the verge of finalizing a substantial deal with Nintendo for the movie rights to The Legend of Zelda. This potential agreement follows the resounding success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which has significantly boosted the prospects of more Nintendo game adaptations hitting the big screen.

The magnitude of this deal is expected to come at a high cost, reflective of the immense popularity and financial triumph of the Mario movie. With Universal and Illumination likely willing to invest significantly in the Zelda adaptation, there’s anticipation about how they plan to navigate the unique challenges posed by the beloved game franchise.

One significant challenge that the filmmakers are likely to face is the portrayal of the series’ main protagonist, Link. Notoriously silent in the games, the character’s lack of voice presents an intriguing creative hurdle that the team will need to address. The adaptation will require careful consideration to ensure that the essence of the character is preserved while also allowing for the necessary development within the context of a cinematic narrative.

Aside from the portrayal of Link, another critical question that fans and industry observers are asking is which storyline the movie will follow. With the Legend of Zelda franchise boasting a rich and varied lore spanning several decades, there are multiple possibilities for the film’s setting and narrative direction. Whether the film will delve into the richly detailed world of Breath of the Wild or explore the origins of the legendary tale remains to be seen, leaving fans eagerly awaiting more concrete details about the film’s creative direction.

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While excitement over the prospect of a potential ‘Legend of Zelda’ movie is building, it’s important to approach this news with tempered expectations. While the potential deal signifies a significant step forward, any plans for an extensive cinematic universe involving various Nintendo franchises, such as Super Smash Bros., are still shrouded in speculation. As the alleged deal progresses and more information becomes available, fans can anticipate further updates and announcements regarding this exciting venture between Universal, Illumination, and Nintendo.

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