Nintendo and Illumination Rumored to Work on Luigi and Zelda Films

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Has Original Voice Actor Pass Torch To Chris  Pratt

Nintendo is reportedly collaborating with Illumination on two upcoming animated movies based on The Legend of Zelda and Luigi. Following the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it’s expected that Nintendo is keen on expanding its presence in the film industry. The information comes from a source known as Zippo, which has previously provided accurate Nintendo-related insights. According to their recent blog post, Nintendo is working on four movie projects, including a sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie and a Donkey Kong film. The other two projects are focused on The Legend of Zelda and a spin-off featuring Luigi.

Details regarding the Luigi-centered movie are currently limited. In the realm of video games, Luigi’s most notable solo title is Luigi’s Mansion, which incorporates elements of light horror. Charlie Day, the voice actor for Luigi, has expressed interest in creating an animated movie based on Luigi’s Mansion. Therefore, this option seems to be the most plausible choice for the standalone Luigi film.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie' is a big-budget video game film

As for the potential Zelda movie, it’s rumored to draw inspiration from various Zelda games, rather than directly adapting specific titles like Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker. Additionally, the movie is said to feature Link, the main character, speaking, which is uncommon in the video game series. However, Illumination has already denied these rumors regarding a Zelda movie. Nevertheless, if Nintendo and the animation studio decide to venture beyond the Super Mario Bros. universe, it’s likely that The Legend of Zelda would be a prime candidate for adaptation on the big screen.

It’s important to approach this rumor with caution. While Nintendo is likely to continue producing movies in collaboration with Illumination, the exact nature of these projects remains uncertain. Additionally, the ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America could potentially affect the development of these films if they do indeed exist.

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