Pokemon Go players reject gift from Niantic, still not playing

Pokemon Go gift

In recent weeks, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, has faced criticism from players over several issues, including the recent price increase of Remote Raid Passes from 100 Pokecoins to 195. This decision has negatively impacted players’ Raid experiences, particularly those with disabilities and those living in rural communities. As a result, Pokemon Go users began to protest against Niantic by signing a Change.org petition with over 100,000 signatures.

In an attempt to win back lost players, Niantic has offered a “mysterious gift” to those who have stopped playing. One Reddit user, RebelSpeed, shared an email they received from Niantic on the Pokemon Go subreddit, which contained an exclusive promo code to redeem the gift within three days. However, despite this peace offering, many players remain skeptical and have refused to return to the game.

Some players have voiced their concerns about the gift’s contents, with some claiming to have received two Lucky Eggs and two Super Incubators, while others joked that it may have contained only one Pokeball and one Potion. There are also concerns that Niantic is trying to recoup the money they are losing from remote raids by making it difficult for players to obtain Larvesta, a rare Pokemon that can be hatched from an egg.

Many players feel that Niantic has not been generous with their gifts in the past, particularly after the company rescinded its half-distance Candy offer during Sustainability Week. As a result, it seems that Niantic’s peace offering has not been enough to win back lost players, and the company will need to work harder to address players’ concerns and regain their trust.

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