New “Big Hero 6” Attraction with Explosions of Water Coming to Disney Park in July

baymax's mission cooldown at tokyo disney resort

An upcoming summer attraction at Disney Parks will feature a fresh take on the beloved characters from Big Hero 6, providing a cool respite for Guests during hot weather. In 2014, Walt Disney Animation ventured into a groundbreaking collaboration with Marvel Comics, bringing forth Big Hero 6 as their inaugural animated film to incorporate Marvel characters. This creative endeavor necessitated the development of innovative software technology for its distinctive visual effects. Despite the familiar appearance of characters like Baymax in the movie, they are actually part of Marvel’s universe. The friendly “healthcare companion” robot, Baymax, made his debut in the Marvel world back in July 1998 in the comic Sunfire and Big Hero Six, Issue 1, over 16 years prior to his cinematic debut.

Disney’s rendition of Baymax significantly differs from Marvel’s portrayal, likely contributing to the endearing reception he’s received from Disney enthusiasts. Disney’s Baymax exudes warmth, possesses a softer demeanor, radiates affability, and lacks the somewhat unsettling aspect of Marvel’s 1998 rendition.

Baymax’s popularity has spurred Walt Disney Imagineering to design rides and attractions inspired by him, primarily located at Tokyo Disney Resort. Notably, Tokyo Disney Resort offers “The Happy Ride With Baymax,” and starting from July 4, it will exclusively host “Baymax’s Mission Cooldown,” an interactive attraction designed to provide a refreshing experience for ardent Baymax fans seeking relief from the heat.

Cei sase super eroi" (Big Hero 6) - Cronica de film - Meseria de parinte

“Baymax’s Mission Cooldown” is a dynamic procession of two floats set to grace Tokyo Disneyland’s parade route from July 4 to September 6. Making three appearances daily, Baymax will embark on a mission to invigorate Guests who find themselves weary and fatigued from the summer heat. Accompanied by lively music, Baymax will identify areas of lowered energy within the park and treat visitors to a unique cooldown by emitting refreshing mists of water.

This forthcoming Baymax attraction is just one of Tokyo Disney’s initiatives to offer visitors reprieve from the sweltering weather. Highlighted on a provided map are cooling spots situated across the Resort, denoted by stars, where Guests can find relief from the summer heat and humidity in Japan.

Baymax’s Mission Cooldown appears to be an ideal solution for beating the heat, leaving us with one lingering question: Why hasn’t Walt Disney World Resort introduced a similar offering?

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