Evicted Tenant’s Revenge: ‘I’ll Blast Shrek at Full Brightness and Volume Every Night

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“‘Opted for Emoji Movie Instead’ The French author Eugène Sue once remarked in his book ‘Memoirs of Matilda’ that revenge is most satisfying when served cold. But it seems that he wasn’t privy to the comedic brilliance of a particular DreamWorks masterpiece featuring an irritable yet endearing green ogre with a Scottish accent. If he had, he might have posited that revenge is best served with a side of Shrek.

TikTok user ‘thatprojectorguy’ clearly understands this sentiment quite well. This is why he decided to not only articulate it verbally but also showcase it through a combination of humor and ingenuity, demonstrating how Shrek can be a potent tool for getting back at those who have wronged you.

In a viral TikTok video boasting over 2.2 million views, ‘thatprojectorguy’ harnessed his projector prowess to project the 2001 Shrek film onto the very apartment building from which he claimed to have been evicted. Incensed that his landlord denied him access to retrieve his belongings, he decided to take his retribution to a new level with a cinematic twist.

“After being suddenly kicked out of my apartment building by my landlord, I’m going all out by projecting Shrek at maximum brightness and volume every night until they grant me entry again,” declares ‘thatprojectorguy’.

In an ensuing clip, he doubled down on his commitment, declaring, “Update: Still denied access to my apartment by my landlord, so I’m intensifying the Shrek projection with an even brighter and louder projector every night—providing a spectacle until I’m allowed back in.”

In yet another video, he shifted his cinematic choice to ‘Bee Movie’ instead of ‘Shrek’. Viewers relished his ingenious approach. A commenter playfully suggested projecting various movies for his own enjoyment.

However, there’s a potential legal wrinkle. Projecting movies onto a building you don’t own requires permission from the owner, as well as the owner of the property you’re projecting from. Additionally, local regulations and copyright concerns, like DreamWorks potentially issuing a cease-and-desist order, also come into play.

While many applauded his creative stance, some argued that he could’ve pursued more constructive actions, suggesting legal intervention over cinematic reprisal.

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