Mappa’s Latest Original Anime Shows Similarities to Tokyo Revengers


The recent Mappa Stage 2023 event sparked various reactions among anime fans, with the response largely depending on their allegiances and preferences within the anime world.

Fans of popular series such as Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan were undoubtedly thrilled with the announcements made at the event. However, followers of Chainsaw Man and One Punch Man may have found themselves slightly disappointed with the lack of news related to their favorite series.

But amidst these mixed reactions, fans of Tokyo Revengers may have stumbled upon a pleasant surprise courtesy of Mappa, the renowned animation studio. During the event, Mappa unveiled an intriguing new original anime project titled “BUCCHIGIRI?!,” which immediately caught the attention of Tokyo Revengers enthusiasts due to its striking resemblances in terms of both art style and delinquent themes.

“BUCCHIGIRI?!” is an original anime series, meaning it is not adapted from any pre-existing source material, similar to another Mappa project called Takt op Destiny. The teaser for this new series exudes a similar ambiance to Tokyo Revengers but with the addition of supernatural elements, particularly demons. The plot revolves around a character named Araji Tomobishi, who becomes entangled in battles among powerful individuals after reuniting with his old friend, Mataka Asamine. As if that weren’t intriguing enough, the presence of a colossal demon casts an ominous shadow over the story.

To further pique fans’ interest, Mappa Studio has released a key visual and trailer for “BUCCHIGIRI?!,” generating anticipation for its scheduled release in January 2024.

In terms of the creative team behind the series, the highly acclaimed director Hiroko Utsumi, known for her work on “SK∞,” is at the helm of this project. Joining her is Taku Kishimoto, who takes on the role of series composition and scriptwriting. Kishimoto has previously showcased his talent in series such as “Ousama Ranking.” The character design is entrusted to Takahiro Kagami, renowned for his work on “Zettai Karen Children,” while additional sub-character designs are brought to life by Hiroyuki Saita, known for “Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight,” and Kiminori Itou, recognized for his contributions to “Tokyo 24-ku.”

With Takahiro Kagami, Hiroyuki Saita, and Kiminori Itou also serving as the chief animation directors, viewers can expect a visually stunning and captivating style for “BUCCHIGIRI?!”

As for the cast list, it remains shrouded in mystery for now. However, considering that the release of “BUCCHIGIRI?!” is less than seven months away, fans can eagerly anticipate forthcoming updates from Mappa Studio, which will undoubtedly unveil the talented voice cast behind the series in the near future.

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