Examining the Mockery Surrounding Tokyo Revengers Manga

Why the Tokyo Revengers series is mocked by the fanbase (Image via LIDENFILMS)

“Why Tokyo Revengers Manga Faces Criticism and Mockery from Fans”

The Tokyo Revengers manga has not only received negative feedback from the anime and manga community but also from its own dedicated fandom. Despite gaining a large and passionate following during its serialization and anime adaptation, the series has faced backlash from fans.

One of the main reasons for the discontent among fans is the perceived inorganic progression of the story and the illogical ending. The manga series had several flaws, which fans expressed on various social media platforms and forums.

One major flaw was the handling of time travel, a crucial aspect of the story. The rules governing time travel in Tokyo Revengers were poorly defined and inconsistent, leading to numerous plot holes. The manga’s ending completely disregarded the established rules, allowing characters to time travel with their memories intact, undermining the logic of the story.

The revelation of the second time-leaper also disappointed fans. Many anticipated it would be a specific character, but the actual identity felt like a forced twist created to make sense of the narrative.

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The concept of Mikey’s Dark Impulse, which connected to the protagonist Takemichi, was not well explored or clearly defined, leaving fans confused about its significance. The origin of Mikey’s Dark Impulses being tied to a broken toy airplane felt like a stretch to the fanbase.

The characterization of Takemichi, the main character, was another point of contention. Fans expected a stronger and more mature protagonist, but instead, Takemichi often resorted to complaining and crying, which dampened the readers’ enthusiasm. Additionally, his behavior as an adult in a child’s body lacked noticeable maturity.

Overall, the Tokyo Revengers manga has faced mockery and criticism from fans due to its inconsistencies, poor handling of time travel, underdeveloped concepts, and flawed characterization. The series failed to meet fans’ expectations of a well-crafted and people-oriented story.

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