“BUCCHIGIRI?!” has an art style reminiscent of a colorful “Tokyo Revengers,” according to fans

Some fans of the hit anime series Tokyo Revengers are expressing their concerns and accusations regarding the recently announced MAPPA anime, BUCCHIGIRI?! The announcement of BUCCHIGIRI?! at the highly anticipated MAPPA Stage 2023 event garnered a mixed reaction from fans. While some were eagerly anticipating updates on other popular series like Chainsaw Man, One-Punch Man, and Yuri!!! On Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence, the news of BUCCHIGIRI?! left them feeling a bit disappointed. However, it was the striking resemblance between BUCCHIGIRI?! and Tokyo Revengers that caught the attention and concern of many devoted fans.

According to reports from Anime Senpai, Twitter has become a platform for fans to discuss their observations, describing BUCCHIGIRI?! as a vibrant clone or alternative to Tokyo Revengers. Both series explore themes of teenage delinquency and incorporate supernatural elements into their narratives. While Tokyo Revengers introduces time travel as a pivotal plot device, BUCCHIGIRI?! appears to delve into the realm of monsters and demons, adding a new twist to the familiar formula.

For those curious about BUCCHIGIRI?!’s storyline, the upcoming anime is an original project slated for release in January 2024. It follows the protagonist Araji Tomobishi as he becomes entangled in a fierce battle against formidable adversaries after reuniting with his former friend, Mataka Asamine. In the midst of their encounters, a shadowy colossal demon makes a shocking appearance, further intensifying the conflicts and raising the stakes.

The creative team behind BUCCHIGIRI?! is equally notable, with Hiroko Utsumi, known for directing popular series such as Banana Fish, SK8 the Infinity, and the first season of Free!, taking the helm as the director. Taku Kishimoto, renowned for his work on Fruits Basket (2019) and Erased, serves as the series composer and scriptwriter. The chief animation director and character designer, Takahiro Kagami, brings his talent and vision to the project. Furthermore, composer Michiru Oshima has revealed on Twitter that recording for BUCCHIGIRI?! required the collaboration of multiple locations, including Los Angeles, London, New York, Tokyo, and Budapest. The music of the series promises a diverse range of influences, spanning from ethnic sounds to rock and classical compositions.

While BUCCHIGIRI?! is still several months away from its release, it has already sparked discussions and debates among fans. Some are excited to explore this new vibrant world, while others express their concerns about potential similarities and whether it can live up to the success and impact of Tokyo Revengers. Only time will tell how BUCCHIGIRI?! will differentiate itself and capture the hearts of anime enthusiasts worldwide.

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