‘Inside Out 2’ ! Pixar Announces Sequel to 2015 Movie About Emotions — with a Teenage Twist

INSIDE OUT, from left: Anger (voice: Lewis Black), Disgust (voice: Mindy Kaling), Joy (voice: Amy Poehler), Fear (voice: Bill Hader), Sadness (voice: Phyllis Smith), 2015.

The first installment of “Inside Out” captured hearts and accolades, receiving an Oscar for Best Animated Feature and a nomination for Best Original Screenplay. Now, the emotional rollercoaster continues as Pixar, a creative powerhouse under the Disney umbrella, unveils plans that are bound to stir up feelings of excitement and anticipation.

The announcement of a sequel to the 2015 hit “Inside Out” has set animation enthusiasts abuzz with joy. The original film, a masterstroke of imagination, brought to life the emotions within the mind of a young girl named Riley, offering a captivating exploration of the human psyche. During the much-awaited D23 event, a Disney extravaganza, director Pete Docter and the voice behind the exuberant character Joy, Amy Poehler, took the stage to unveil this thrilling news. While the inaugural journey delved into the emotional terrain of Riley’s childhood as her family navigated a move to San Francisco, this forthcoming sequel promises to delve into her mind as a teenager, ushering in an entirely new ensemble of teenage emotions.

The release date, firmly etched into the calendar for the summer of 2024, marks a momentous occasion for fans eagerly awaiting this next chapter. Taking the helm as director is Kelsey Mann, poised to bring his creative vision to the screen with the guidance of a script penned by the returning wordsmith Meg LeFauve.


Reflecting on the film that started it all, the original “Inside Out” blazed a trail in the animation realm. Its heartfelt storytelling and innovative approach garnered it not only an Academy Award but also widespread acclaim. The cast ensemble featured the spirited Amy Poehler as Joy, Bill Hader lending his voice to Fear, the incomparable Lewis Black infusing Anger with his signature wit, Mindy Kaling giving life to Disgust, and Phyllis Smith bringing a poignant touch to Sadness.

Interestingly, the journey to this sequel wasn’t always clear-cut. Director Pete Docter, back in 2015, had remarked that he hadn’t been actively planning a follow-up. Times have evidently changed, and the decision to revisit the beloved characters and explore their evolution is now on the horizon.

Beyond its delightful animation and engaging plot, “Inside Out” resonated on a deeper level with its thought-provoking themes about growing up, embracing emotions, and the pursuit of happiness. In an insightful 2015 interview, Amy Poehler discussed the film’s profound message, emphasizing that it’s entirely acceptable to experience a spectrum of emotions beyond the conventional notions of happiness. The film’s ability to distill complex concepts into a relatable and humane narrative resulted in a cinematic experience that fostered genuine connections across its audience.

As the countdown to the sequel begins and the excitement builds, fans can’t help but reflect on the legacy of the original “Inside Out.” With its universal themes and artful storytelling, it not only set a precedent for the animation genre but also served as a reminder of the beauty in embracing the full range of human emotions. As Pixar embarks on this new chapter, the hope is that it will continue to navigate the delicate landscape of emotions with the same finesse, warmth, and creativity that made the first installment an instant classic.

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