Disney’s live-action origin story “Cruella” receives mixed reviews

Emma Stone starring as Cruella

Disney’s latest live-action origin story, “Cruella,” featuring Emma Stone and Dame Emma Thompson, has generated a mixed response from critics. The film serves as a prequel to “101 Dalmatians,” tracing Cruella de Vil’s journey from an orphaned youth to an ambitious fashion designer seeking vengeance for her mother’s death.

While The Guardian hailed the movie as “extremely entertaining,” The Times criticized it as “messy, flabby, and confused.” Cruella de Vil, known for her dognapping antics, was a menacing Disney figure since the original 1961 animated “101 Dalmatians.” The new film follows a 1996 live-action version starring Glenn Close and its subsequent sequel in 2000.

Dame Emma plays the role of Cruella’s boss Baroness von Hellman, who heads a prestigious London fashion house. The Guardian praised the chemistry between the two Emmas as “a sensational couple” and highlighted the film’s recreation of 1970s London.

Emma Thompson

However, The Times felt that Emma Stone lacked the intimidating presence of the character, while Dame Emma’s portrayal echoed the villainous archetype established by Glenn Close’s Cruella. The origin story was deemed an attempt to cater to superhero origins fans, but it was criticized for being messy and lacking coherence.

Variety appreciated director Craig Gillespie’s take on the character, noting that he brought an edgier perspective compared to earlier remakes. The Telegraph also offered a mostly positive review, describing the film as entertaining but pointing out moments of strain in the plot’s progression.

BBC Culture found the film’s center somewhat hollow, emphasizing style over substance, and questioned the character’s motivations. The Daily Mail drew parallels between “Cruella” and “Joker,” noting the attempts to humanize a villainous character. The Sun provided glowing praise, highlighting the film’s energy, performances, style, and soundtrack.

Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil

“Cruella” marked a significant Hollywood premiere post-pandemic restrictions and has been released both in cinemas and on Disney+ Premier Access, requiring an additional payment to the monthly subscription. While the film’s reception has been mixed, it showcases Disney’s ongoing exploration of origin stories and reimagined classics.

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