Former Disney Executive Faces Harrowing Experience as LGBTQ+

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“Former Head of Disney Stores Opens Up About Challenges as a Queer Executive” Jim Fielding’s Perspective on Being a Queer Disney Executive In a recent account shared in the Harvard Business Review, Jim Fielding, a former leader of Disney Stores, discussed the struggles he faced while navigating a corporate environment that adhered to a “Don’t Say Gay” culture. Fielding held a significant role at Walt Disney World stores in the 1980s, which marked his early professional career.

Amidst this culture, Fielding felt compelled to conceal his authentic self, resorting to changing pronouns and altering personal narratives to fit within the confines of Disney’s broader entertainment atmosphere. As a consequence, he experienced physical symptoms such as migraines and stomach issues due to the internal conflict.

The Pressure of “Don’t Say Gay” Culture in Society and Law Reflecting on those times, Fielding emphasized the immense pressure that queer individuals often endure to conform to societal norms. Fortunately, as time progressed, the Disney Channel and the world at large embraced a more progressive stance, allowing Fielding to transition into living authentically and pursuing his career without pretense.

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The Significance of Disney Embracing Progressiveness Notably, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger has been vocal in opposing any resurgence of a “Don’t Say Gay” movement. The interview with the former Disney executive in the Harvard Business Review highlighted the broader significance of this stance. It is not merely confined to Disney or Marvel Studios; rather, it resonates with the people behind the beloved characters and stories.

Fielding pointed out that, statistically, approximately 10% of the population identifies as queer or LGBTQ. In promoting his book titled “All Pride, No Ego: A Queer Executive’s Journey to Living and Leading Authentically,” the interview delved into Fielding’s experiences as a minority within the Disney company.

Representation in Disney Media and Corporate Leadership Fielding’s observations extend beyond sexual orientation and encompass issues related to gender identity and racial diversity. The common thread is the shared feeling of being outsiders in exclusive circles. Although LGBTQIA and transgender characters are gaining visibility in Disney Television Animation and other productions by Walt Disney Co., Fielding noted a lack of representation at the executive level.

A "LOVE" Pride wall at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Four Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride tee shirts are overtop of the image of the wall.

In his book, Fielding delves deeper into the gravity of these challenges, both historical and contemporary. He also acknowledges the evolving landscape that aims to create a less “brutal” environment for individuals facing similar hurdles.

The Ongoing Pride Movement and Disney’s Inclusive Values Disney’s alignment with the ongoing pride movement underscores the company’s commitment to inclusive values, even in the face of potential backlash.

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