Fans Oppose Ariana Grande as Meg in ‘Hercules’ Live-Action Role

Ariana Grande Hercules

“At the moment, Ariana Grande is facing significant backlash.

Ariana Grande, an undoubtedly famous and skilled singer in the music industry today, has showcased her talent as a singer and actress since her childhood days. She’s excelled across Broadway, television, and music charts, becoming a prominent name. Yet, her personality has proved divisive among her fans.

However, a fresh controversy has cast a negative light on Ariana.

A recent on-set scandal involving Grande and her fellow cast member from ‘Wicked,’ Ethan Slater, has drawn widespread attention. Reports indicate that Slater left his wife and infant child for a relationship with Grande. Fans are now branding Grande as a ‘homewrecker,’ blaming her for her involvement in an inappropriate affair. While any action against Grande for ‘Wicked’ is too late, some of her detractors are hoping to prevent her participation in an upcoming project.

Earlier this summer, Sean Bailey, President of Walt Disney Studios, confirmed the development of a live-action rendition of the film ‘Hercules.’ This announcement was accompanied by speculation about the potential cast, including the possibility of Ariana Grande taking on the role of Megara, also known as Meg, in the forthcoming live-action adaptation.

Ariana grande performing

News of Ariana Grande’s potential involvement as Meg, alongside Taron Egerton, who is being considered for the role of live-action Hercules, was met with a largely negative response from fans. The comments section of related posts was inundated with criticism about Ariana’s potential casting in the Disney movie. Some fans even voiced strong objections, suggesting that she should distance herself from the project.

One comment succinctly conveyed the sentiment: “She needs to stay far away from him.”

Such a strong wave of backlash toward a mere casting rumor signals potential trouble for Disney. Given the recent controversies surrounding castings for live-action remakes, it’s evident that Disney might benefit from reevaluating their choices before making any formal announcements.”

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