Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Disney enthusiasts and fans of Chip and Dale have reason to rejoice as the mischievous chipmunk duo, dressed as Rescue Rangers, are all set to make their grand appearance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The exciting news has been confirmed by Attractions Magazine in coordination with Disney.

Currently, visitors to the park can catch a glimpse of Chip and Dale as they merrily roam the scenic yard in front of the iconic The Hollywood Brown Derby. To add a romantic touch to the festivities, Clarice is scheduled to join them in celebration of Valentine’s Day, making this a delightful rendezvous for fans and couples alike.

However, the real thrill awaits starting on February 15 when the Rescue Rangers will officially begin their meet-and-greet sessions. These encounters will take place at the Adventure Outpost, which, intriguingly, has remained shuttered for the past three years. The prospect of meeting these beloved characters at this unique location is undoubtedly enticing for fans.

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Intriguingly, the Adventure Outpost briefly reopened its doors during Disney+ Day last year, offering a sneak peek of the excitement to come. What’s particularly exciting about this announcement is that the meet-and-greet opportunity with Chip and Dale as Rescue Rangers will not be a temporary affair; instead, it will be a continuous, long-term offering. This means that fans visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios will have ample opportunities to interact with their favorite chipmunk duo dressed in their iconic Rescue Rangers attire.

So, if you’re planning a visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, be sure to mark your calendars for February 15 and beyond to meet Chip and Dale in their Rescue Rangers outfits. It’s an experience that promises to add an extra layer of magic and nostalgia to your Disney adventure. For the latest updates and news related to Disney Parks, make sure to follow WDW News Today on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories with these cherished characters at one of Disney’s most iconic locations.

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