Beloved Disney Characters Receive Makeovers at Disney World

John Mulaney and Andy Samberg as Chip and Dale

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the park is embracing a wave of 90’s nostalgia by giving a fresh look to classic Disney characters. The 1990s are often regarded as the Disney Renaissance, marked by a golden era of Disney animation and theme park innovations. Disney has been leaning into this nostalgia, offering a plethora of 90’s-themed experiences, merchandise, and promotions. Notably, the Walt Disney World marathon was recently entirely themed around the 90’s, featuring stylized artwork and rare character meet-and-greets along the route.

Adding to this surge of 90’s appreciation, two beloved characters from the 1995 classic, ‘A Goofy Movie,’ have made a memorable appearance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Goofy, with his characteristic charm and clumsiness, has adopted a fresh style by donning a vibrant Hawaiian shirt over his usual attire. His son Max, who is portrayed as an enthusiastic fan of the fictional pop sensation Powerline in the film, has likewise adopted his idol’s iconic look.

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However, today marked another exciting addition to the lineup of nostalgic character makeovers. Chip and Dale, the beloved chipmunk duo, made their debut at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in their classic outfits from the 1989-1990 television series ‘Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers,’ which originally aired on The Disney Channel. Dale sported a cheerful red and yellow Hawaiian shirt, while Chip retained his timeless brown leather jacket and fedora.

The crowd’s joy was palpable as visitors flocked to see these familiar characters in their iconic 90’s attire. A meet-and-greet location was quickly set up outside The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, drawing fans eager to capture a moment with the retro-dressed chipmunks.

This revival of beloved characters from the 90’s has struck a chord with Disney enthusiasts, leaving them hopeful that more cherished figures from the era, such as Donald, Scrooge, Daisy, and Launchpad from ‘Ducktales,’ might also return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, creating an even larger reunion of 90’s childhood favorites at the park.

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