At the Liberty Science Center, Disney fans can explore the science behind Pixar movies

For devoted fans of Disney Pixar’s animated masterpieces like “Toy Story,” “The Incredibles,” “Ratatouille,” and the more recent “Elemental,” there’s an exciting opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the science and technology that bring these beloved movies to life. The Liberty Science Center is hosting a new and captivating exhibit called “The Science Behind Pixar,” set to commence this Saturday. This exhibit provides a unique exploration of the underlying computer science, mathematics, and scientific concepts that serve as the backbone of the award-winning films created by Pixar.

Spanning a vast area of 10,000 square feet, “The Science Behind Pixar” is thoughtfully organized into eight distinctive sections, offering visitors more than 50 interactive elements to explore. One of the remarkable features of this exhibit is the opportunity to hear directly from members of Pixar’s production teams who will guide you through each step of the studio’s technical process. It’s a chance to gain insights into how camera placement and angles are meticulously crafted to create a bug’s-eye view in “A Bug’s Life.” Visitors will also have the opportunity to understand how the animators breathe life into models by providing them with virtual skeletons, enabling intricate and lifelike posing.

Furthermore, attendees can delve into the artistry behind adding color and texture to surfaces, a crucial element in the creation of these enchanting animated worlds. The exhibit doesn’t stop at mere observation; children and adults alike can immerse themselves in hands-on experiences. Activities range from creating a short film to designing a robot companion for the lovable character WALL·E. You can even try your hand at set design using props sourced from “Monsters University,” one of Pixar’s delightful prequels.

For those curious about the rendering process in animation, the exhibit offers an opportunity to learn and practice animation rendering, allowing you to appreciate the intricate artistry behind rendering a scene from “Inside Out.” But that’s not all! Visitors can also participate in creative activities, such as transforming an artist’s sketch into a digital sculpture.

Moreover, you’ll be able to tackle challenges related to replicating the complex play of virtual light in underwater scenes akin to those in “Finding Nemo.” All these captivating activities are designed to offer you a firsthand experience of the incredible technology and artistry that go into crafting Pixar’s timeless films.

And as the icing on the cake, you’ll have the chance to capture the magic of your visit by taking photos alongside human-sized recreations of iconic Pixar characters. These life-size figures include beloved personalities like Buzz Lightyear, Dory from “Finding Nemo,” the comical duo Mike and Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.,” the iconic fashion designer Edna Mode, and WALL•E, the lovable and environmentally conscious robot. This immersive exhibit is not just an incredible adventure for Pixar enthusiasts; it’s an educational journey that offers a profound appreciation of the art and science that brings these animated worlds to life.

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