Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Vol. 10 Review

In Volume 9 of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, the adventures of Natsu and his comrades take an unexpected turn as they find themselves transported to the parallel universe of Elentear. This comes after a brief visit to the universe of Edolas, adding another layer of complexity to their already perilous journey. With the fate of multiple universes hanging in the balance, our beloved cast of characters is thrust into a world that is not their own, where they must confront some of their most difficult battles yet. Will they emerge victorious? Let’s delve into the captivating pages of this volume to find out.

Although the cover prominently features Natsu’s party as a whole, it is undoubtedly Gray and Lucy who steal the spotlight in the chapters collected here. The two find themselves facing off against formidable opponents, Mimi and Hakune, whom they had previously suffered defeat against in Volume 9. However, as Gray and Lucy rightfully declare, “Fairy Tail never loses to the same people twice,” suggesting that the winds of fortune may be blowing in their favor this time around.

Lucy’s encounter with Mimi becomes more of a test of endurance than a battle of skill and strategy. On the other hand, Gray’s fight against Hakune presents a greater challenge. Hakune attempts to trap Gray in an illusion, a world where his late mentor Ur and his father are still alive, and where he and Juvia have a child of their own. Although Gray quickly recognizes this dream-like scenario for what it is—an illusion—it becomes increasingly difficult for him to resist the allure of a life that fulfills all his deepest desires.

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As these intense battles unfold, the magic within Elentear grows increasingly chaotic, hastening the destruction of the universes. Fortunately, Wendy, the skilled Sky Dragon Slayer, begins to devise a plan that holds the potential to prevent the impending calamity and ensure the safe return of everyone to their rightful homes.

When I reviewed Volumes 8 and 9 of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, I expressed concerns about the potential for the series to become excessively silly due to the introduction of the multiverse storyline. I was particularly wary of the power creep and the introduction of new abilities by the characters. However, having now immersed myself in Volume 10, I must give credit to author Hiro Mashima for maintaining a sense of restraint.

While the ultimate resolution to the conflicts may be deemed silly, it remains within the realm of shonen silliness rather than veering into excessive over-the-top territory. Additionally, it is worth noting that the fights depicted in this volume rely on the characters’ existing abilities and strategies, without the introduction of any new magical powers. This helps maintain a sense of consistency and avoids overwhelming the narrative. The multiverse arc comes to an end within the span of this volume, and I find myself satisfied with its execution. Although relatively shorter in comparison to previous arcs, this brevity works in its favor, preventing the storyline from becoming convoluted or overstaying its welcome.

Furthermore, it is refreshing to witness a departure from the typical narrative dynamic, with Natsu taking a backseat while other characters, particularly Lucy and Wendy, are given more opportunity to shine. Fairy Tail has always excelled at providing ample development for its extensive cast of characters, and this arc proves no exception. Lucy and Wendy, in particular, are afforded greater prominence, allowing their strengths and growth to take center stage.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Volume 10, published in the West by Kodansha and translated by Kevin Steinbach, maintains the high standards set by previous volumes. The translation reads smoothly, free from any notable issues or discrepancies. Fans eagerly anticipating the continuation of the series will be pleased to know that Volume 11 is slated for an English release in November, promising further exciting adventures and revelations for our beloved cast.

In conclusion, Volume 10 of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest successfully brings the multiverse arc to a close in a manner that is both engaging and avoids excessive complexity. The storyline remains intriguing, and the focus on characters such as Lucy and Wendy adds depth and variety to the narrative. With the resolution of the multiverse arc, the series paves the way for new and captivating storylines in the future. Fans of the series will undoubtedly find this volume to be a satisfying addition to the ongoing saga of Fairy Tail.

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