Underrated DreamWorks Movie Starring Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman

Why isn’t this charming animated film more popular? In the early 2000s, Hollywood had high hopes for stars like Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet. They were expected to become the next big movie icons. However, things didn’t quite go as planned. Unlike classic Hollywood stars who could carry any movie to some degree of success, Jackman and Winslet faced more unpredictable fan reactions.

Jackman, known for musicals and X-Men titles, often struggled with box office success for non-musical or non-superhero films. Winslet, on the other hand, appeared in only two live-action films (‘The Holiday’ and ‘Finding Neverland’) in the 2000s that crossed the $50 million mark domestically. It’s important to note that both actors still had successful careers and starred in films that became classics during that decade.

One such film was ‘Flushed Away’ in 2006, which was considered a DreamWorks flop. Jackman and Winslet lent their voices to the lead characters, Roddy St. James and Rita, in this final animated collaboration between Aardman and DreamWorks. While some viewers instantly embraced Roddy as a beloved character, others seemed to overlook the film despite the star power.

So, why did ‘Flushed Away’ fade into obscurity? The film was released in a year when numerous American studios jumped on the trend of computer-animated family movies. It arrived at the end of a year packed with animated pet adventures, leading to inevitable competition and less visibility.

Additionally, ‘Flushed Away’ marked the end of the collaboration between Aardman and DreamWorks, as the two studios had different creative directions. Aardman stuck to its distinctly British style, while DreamWorks aimed for more American appeal. After this film, they went their separate ways.

Unlike other Aardman projects that received extensions or updates, ‘Flushed Away’ was left untouched, and its characters didn’t reappear in further media. This lack of continuous presence contributed to the film’s fading into obscurity.

Despite its mixed tone and stylistic clashes, ‘Flushed Away’ remains a delightful film with a talented voice cast. Jackman and Winslet make a charming pair, and the supporting villains, voiced by Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, and Bill Nighy, steal the show. The film injects humor into a familiar narrative, and the scenes set in a rodent-sized world offer creative and amusing moments.

‘Flushed Away’ may not have achieved pop culture classic status, but it’s a charming and worthwhile animated film, often overlooked by modern audiences.

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