Top 10 Most Powerful Characters in the Fire Force Manga, Ranked

Shinra is one of the strongest characters of the series (Image via Atsushi Okubo/Shueisha, Viz Media, Fire Force)

Here is a list of the top 10 most powerful characters from the Fire Force manga, ranked in terms of their abilities, influence, and impact in the series:

  1. Sho Kusakabe: Sho, the younger brother of the protagonist Shinra, is the primary antagonist in the series. As a Third Generation pyrokinetic with exceptional speed and strength, he possesses the Adolla Burst, a rare and immensely powerful pyrokinetic ability. Sho’s control over flames and his unique abilities make him the strongest character in the Fire Force manga.
  2. Shinra Kusakabe: The main protagonist of the series, Shinra is a Third Generation pyrokinetic with the ability to ignite and control flames from his feet, earning him the nickname “Devil’s Footprints.” With his Adolla Burst and exceptional combat skills, Shinra is a formidable force in battles and has the potential to become even stronger.
  3. Benimaru Shinmon: Benimaru is the captain of Special Fire Force Company 7 and one of the strongest pyrokinetics in the Fire Force universe. He possesses Second and Third Generation abilities, allowing him to control both fire and heat. Benimaru’s immense power, combat prowess, and strategic thinking make him a formidable opponent.
  4. Leonard Burns: As the captain of Special Fire Force Company 1, Leonard Burns is a highly skilled Second Generation pyrokinetic. He has tremendous control over flames and is known for his exceptional swordsmanship. Burns’ combat experience and powerful abilities place him among the top contenders in the Fire Force manga.
  5. Charon: Charon is a member of the White-Clad, the primary antagonistic organization in the series. He possesses the Fourth Generation ability known as “Gravity,” granting him immense strength and control over gravitational forces. Charon’s raw power and physical prowess make him a formidable opponent in battles.
  6. Haumea: Haumea is a Third Generation pyrokinetic and a member of the White-Clad. She has the ability to control and manipulate human nervous systems, giving her control over individuals’ actions and senses. Haumea’s unique power and her role as a key antagonist make her a dangerous and influential character.
  7. Joker: Joker is a mysterious and enigmatic character who operates independently of the Fire Force and the White-Clad. He is a skilled fighter with exceptional combat abilities and vast knowledge about the secrets of the Fire Force universe. Joker’s unpredictable nature and his connections to key events in the series make him a powerful and intriguing character.
  8. Inca Kasugatani: Inca is a Fourth Generation pyrokinetic introduced in the later arcs of the manga. While initially a supporting character, her abilities and potential as a Flame Human make her a force to be reckoned with. Inca’s unique talent of sensing and manipulating the flow of flames adds depth to her character and hints at her growing power.
  9. Hibana: Hibana is the captain of Special Fire Force Company 5. As a Third Generation pyrokinetic, she has the ability to create and control flames, specializing in floral-based fire attacks. Hibana’s strong control over her powers and her leadership skills make her a respected and powerful character in the Fire Force universe.
  10. Dragon: Dragon is a mysterious and ancient entity introduced in the later arcs of the manga. As one of the most significant threats in the series, Dragon possesses immense destructive power and is capable of causing chaos on a large scale. The true nature and origins of Dragon remain shrouded in mystery, adding to the intrigue surrounding this powerful character.

These rankings are based on the characters’ displayed abilities, combat skills, influence in the storyline, and overall impact on the Fire Force manga. It’s important to note that power levels may vary depending on the events and developments in the ongoing narrative.

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