Fire Force Cosplay Features Maki’s Witch Queen Outfit

Maki from Fire force. What do you think? She has good build but honestly a  bit too sexualized. : r/mendrawingwomen

Fire Force is gearing up for its upcoming third season of the anime series, and a fantastic cosplay is preparing for the show’s comeback by portraying Maki Oze’s striking Witch Queen transformation. Although Atsushi Okubo’s original manga series concluded earlier this year, the franchise is far from over. A third season of the anime has been confirmed, and fans won’t have to wait much longer to witness the action-packed adventures of Special Fire Force Company 8.

While an official release window or date for the third season has not been announced yet, devoted fans are taking it upon themselves to keep the spirit of the series alive in the meantime. One such fan is the talented artist @cyberstephanie on Instagram, who has crafted an impressive cosplay of Maki’s rare “Witch Queen” appearance, which showcased her formidable skills. Check out the cosplay below:

During the second season of Fire Force, Maki experienced significant character growth as a member of Company 8, all while being entangled in a larger conspiracy unfolding around her. With the third season of the anime still some time away, there’s ample opportunity to catch up on the first two seasons before the new episodes arrive. If you’re interested in delving into Fire Force before the new season airs, you can now stream the series on Crunchyroll. Here’s how they tease the show:

Reference Emporium on Twitter: "Screenshots of Maki Oze from Fire Force.  Album" / Twitter

“Tokyo is engulfed in flames, and its citizens are mysteriously falling victim to spontaneous human combustion across the city! The Fire Force is responsible for extinguishing these infernos, and Shinra is eager to join their ranks. As a member of Company 8, he will use his unique ability to combat the threat and prevent the city from turning to ashes. However, his past and a hidden secret could ignite a much larger blaze.”

Are you eagerly anticipating the return of Fire Force for its third season? What are your expectations for Maki and the other characters in the upcoming episodes? Share your thoughts and excitement in the comments!

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