JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Spin-Off Alters Key Series Mystery

“Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak, the concluding chapter of the spinoff series, has at last unraveled the mystery surrounding Josuke’s introduction to the Joestar family.

As a member of the Joestar lineage, Josuke Higashikata takes the center stage in Jojo part 4, Diamond is Unbreakable. However, Josuke’s true origins reveal him to be the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar and a Japanese woman, who concealed his birth from Joseph. At the start of part 4, Jotaro Kujo arrives in town to find Josuke, as the Joestar family became aware of his existence seemingly out of the blue in New York City. While it may be tempting to assume that Joseph, who is somewhat senile by part 4, inadvertently divulged his affair, there is no evidence to suggest that he was aware of having a son through such a relationship. So, how did the Joestars uncover Josuke’s secret?

In the climactic 16th chapter of Crazy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak, Josuke’s maternal grandfather engages in a conversation with Boingo/Mondatta, a Stand user possessing a manga book that possesses the power to foresee the future. The book had been lost for a significant portion of the series, making Mondatta relieved to reclaim it. However, while perusing its contents in the presence of Josuke’s grandfather, the elderly man catches sight of an unsettling prediction: his imminent demise. Intriguingly, Josuke’s grandfather accepts the book’s prophecy at face value, seemingly able to perceive its supernatural essence. Contemplating how his daughter and grandson will fare without him, he resolves to contact Joseph Joestar directly. Presumably, this communication prompted Jotaro’s return to Japan and the subsequent encounter with Josuke, setting in motion the events that drive the entire narrative of part 4.

Lacking a paternal figure, Josuke holds his grandfather in high regard, and following his passing, he vows to protect their hometown in his stead. However, this decision places Josuke in precarious situations on his own, were it not for the intervention of Jotaro and his other Stand-wielding comrades, who provide invaluable assistance. Thus, even in death, Josuke’s grandfather safeguards his grandson by indirectly providing him with formidable and trustworthy allies. This heartwarming revelation not only sheds light on a character who held significance in Josuke’s life but also ties up a loose end.

While Josuke’s grandfather may not possess Stand abilities, his contribution likely proved instrumental in thwarting Kira and the malevolent Stand users of Morioh. As Crazy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak reaches its conclusion, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure endures, enriched by the spinoff’s meaningful contributions to the overarching series.”

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