Starfield Gamer Creates Buzz Lightyear Character

A skilled player in Starfield has harnessed the game’s character creator to bring Buzz Lightyear, the beloved character from Toy Story, into the vast universe of Starfield.

This Starfield player has utilized the game’s versatile character creator to recreate the iconic Buzz Lightyear in the game. Starfield offers players the freedom to shape and customize various aspects of the game world, including their character’s appearance, spacecraft, and research installations.

Starfield’s character creator has already been used to fashion several well-known figures from pop culture, such as Ellen Ripley, portrayed by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien series. The character creator excels in crafting lifelike renditions of real individuals, as the game’s visual style leans towards realism rather than a stylized portrayal of the cosmos. Nonetheless, players have ventured to introduce beloved animated characters into the game, resulting in surreal visuals reminiscent of fan-generated artwork that transforms cartoon characters like Homer Simpson and Mario into hyperrealistic incarnations.

In a fitting nod to a space-themed science fiction adventure, a Starfield player, who goes by the moniker Xyzjin, has recreated Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story film series. Images of this impressive character creation were shared on the Starfield subreddit. Buzz Lightyear is a Space Ranger of Star Command, a valiant hero dedicated to thwarting the nefarious schemes of Zurg, an extraterrestrial antagonist of the Galactic Alliance. Among player-crafted characters, Buzz seamlessly blends into the Starfield universe.

The rendition of Buzz created by player Xyzjin closely resembles the character from the 2022 film Lightyear, a standalone feature starring the beloved Toy Story figure. When asked how they achieved the cartoony appearance in a game known for its stark realism, Xyzjin explained that they maximized every available slider. They pushed the limits on nose, mouth, ears, cheeks, chin, and jaw sliders to achieve the exaggerated Pixar-like appearance. This isn’t the first instance of someone recreating a famous space explorer in Starfield, as a previous player had crafted an astonishingly accurate version of real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Starfield’s extensive customization options extend beyond transforming the player character into beloved pop culture icons; they also allow players to transform their spacecraft into iconic vehicles from film and television. The game’s ship-building mechanics have been utilized to recreate renowned ships from various science fiction universes, including the X-Wing from Star Wars and the Megazord from Power Rangers.

Starfield is accessible on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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