Review of DARLING in the FRANXX Part 2

In the second half of Darling in the Franxx, the stakes are high as Squad 13 faces their toughest challenges yet. The shocking conclusion of Part 1 left viewers wondering what would happen next, and the flashback episode in Episode 13 only added to the intrigue. We see a glimpse of Zero Two and Hiro’s past as children, revealing the connection that drew them together even before their memories were wiped. This background helps us understand their bond and how it drives the story forward.

However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when Zero Two goes rogue and attacks Hiro, causing the rest of Squad 13 to forcibly separate them. With the mighty Klaxosaurs still on the loose, the squad must continue to fight without the powerful Strelizia, which adds a new level of tension to the series. As the second half progresses, we’re treated to more shocking reveals, character drama, and battles against the Klaxosaurs, but not all of these revelations stick the landing.

Despite some flaws in the storytelling and a controversial ending that left many viewers unsatisfied, Darling in the Franxx still manages to entertain. The character growth from Part 1 is impressive, and the animation and voice acting continue to impress. The mecha battles are also a highlight, with great choreography and a wide range of colors that make them visually stunning.

As for the music, it’s handled by composer Asami Tachibana, and while it’s not particularly memorable, it does the job well enough. The opening theme “Kiss of Death” and the four different ending themes sung by the female Japanese voice actors are standouts, however.

Overall, Darling in the Franxx may not be the best anime from Studio Trigger, but it’s still worth watching if you enjoyed Part 1. The characters are likeable, the animation is impressive, and the mecha battles are exciting. Just don’t expect a perfect conclusion to the story.

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