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Death Threats Sent to ‘DARLING In The FRANKXX’ Team After Controversial Episode

“The anime fandom finds itself embroiled in a heated controversy surrounding a particular episode of DARLING in the FRANKXX, leading to unsettling consequences. Following the release of the latest episode, tensions have flared, causing a significant number of fans to express their displeasure through death threats, leaving many casual anime enthusiasts perplexed and concerned by […]

Zero Two cosplayer slays as Darling in the Franxx’s iconic character

A dedicated and skilled fan of Darling in the Franxx has captured the essence of the anime’s main character, Zero Two, with an incredible cosplay that showcases meticulous attention to detail and an impressive level of accuracy. Darling in the Franxx, a collaborative project between Clover Works and Studio Trigger, took the world by storm […]

Darling in the Franxx cosplayer’s viral Zero Two video stuns viewers

A talented cosplayer mesmerized fans of Darling in the Franxx with her remarkable portrayal of the beloved heroine, Zero Two. The artist’s jaw-dropping costume and captivating video depicting the anime character quickly gained viral status, leaving fans in awe of the perfect re-creation. Darling in the Franxx, a collaborative project between Clover Works and Studio […]

Impeccable Zero Two cosplay revealed by Darling in the Franxx fan

In the realm of cosplay, where fans transform themselves into their favorite fictional characters, one cosplayer has taken the community by storm with an astonishing portrayal of Zero Two from the popular anime series Darling in the Franxx. This talented individual, known as ‘,’ has truly brought the enigmatic heroine to life with an exceptional […]

Darling in the Franxx voice actors revisit past classics

Let’s explore the impressive works of the talented creators behind Darling in the Franxx! Welcome to Why It Works! By now, we’ve delved into several episodes of Darling in the Franxx, immersing ourselves in its expressive robots, brooding teenagers, and the peculiar dynamics of its cockpit. The show offers a rich tapestry to explore, and […]

Anime-Inspired Cooking: Futoshi’s Bread Recipe from Darling in the FranXX

“What type of bread do you create from scratch in more ways than one? In Darling in the FranXX, Futoshi’s bread in the final episode caught my attention. It appeared in a future where they all lived happily on a restored Earth. Amidst the space-related plot, the thread focusing on Earth’s renewal and rebuilding got […]

Tracing Trigger’s Journey to DARLING in the FRANXX

“Exploring Studio Trigger’s Journey to DARLING in the FRANXX” Welcome to Why It Works! Today, we delve into the fascinating history of Studio Trigger, the renowned studio behind the highly anticipated anime series DARLING in the FRANXX. Formed by a group of talented individuals who previously worked at Gainax, including director Hiroyuki Imaishi, Studio Trigger […]

Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx defends humanity through cosplay

In the realm of cosplay, where artistry meets fandom, one talented individual has captured the hearts of Darling in the Franxx enthusiasts with her remarkable transformation into the beloved character Zero Two. This cosplayer’s portrayal has caused ripples of excitement across social media platforms, leaving fans mesmerized by her dedication to bringing the anime icon […]

TRIGGER’s Hiromi Wakabayashi does a Reddit AMA, answering fan questions about DARLING in the FRANXX

In a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Hiromi Wakabayashi, a prominent figure at TRIGGER studio, took the opportunity to address burning fan questions about the popular anime series DARLING in the FRANXX. The AMA, hosted on the /r/anime subreddit, provided insights into various aspects of the show and TRIGGER’s collaboration with A-1 Pictures. […]

The Future of DARLING in the FRANXX: A Youth in Revolt

“The Uncertain Future of Squad 13 in DARLING in the FRANXX: A Youth in Revolt” The teenage years, filled with excitement and confusion, often serve as a backdrop for anime narratives. Within this period of adolescence, characters experience a myriad of new emotions and confront the challenges of growing up. DARLING in the FRANXX, a […]