5 times Inuyasha showed true feelings for Kagome

Here are some more details about each instance where Inuyasha showed his true feelings for Kagome:

  1. When he first called her by her name instead of “Kikyo”: In the earlier episodes, Inuyasha would often confuse Kagome for Kikyo, the priestess he was in love with before she died. However, in one episode, he called Kagome by her name for the first time, showing that he was starting to see her as a person separate from Kikyo.
  2. When he risked his life to save Kagome from a demon without hesitation: Throughout the series, Inuyasha would often risk his life to protect Kagome from various demons and dangers. However, in one particularly emotional moment, Inuyasha jumps in front of Kagome to take a deadly blow from a demon without a second thought, showing just how much he cares for her.
  3. When he told Kagome that he wanted to become stronger to protect her: As the series progressed, Inuyasha’s feelings for Kagome continued to grow stronger. In one scene, he tells Kagome that he wants to become stronger so that he can protect her and their friends from any danger that may come their way.
  4. When he revealed his jealousy towards Hojo, Kagome’s classmate: While Inuyasha and Kagome were not officially a couple for much of the series, there were still moments of jealousy between them. In one episode, Inuyasha becomes jealous when he sees Kagome talking to her classmate, Hojo. This moment shows that Inuyasha was not only protective of Kagome, but also had deeper feelings for her.
  5. When he finally confessed his love for Kagome before the final battle against Naraku: Throughout the series, Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship had many ups and downs, but in the end, Inuyasha finally confesses his love to Kagome before the final battle against Naraku. This moment shows that Inuyasha had been holding onto his feelings for Kagome for a long time and was finally ready to express them.

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