Laxus Destruction of Raven Tail: Fairy Tail’s Triumph and Letdown

Laxus’s annihilation of Raven Tail during Fairy Tail’s Grand Magic Games arc is a fantastic and disappointing event that simultaneously highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the series.

The “Grand Magic Games” arc in Fairy Tail serves as an amplification of the show’s strongest and weakest aspects. It provides opportunities for support characters to shine and gives each of the leading characters decisive battles that showcase their powers and establish the dominance of the Fairy Tail Guild. However, while the excitement is undoubtedly high, there are also numerous drawbacks, including the introduction of a multitude of new characters who quickly fade into the background, lackluster fights, and conclusions that prevent the arc from achieving perfection.

With a large cast primarily focused on characters such as Natsu, Lucy, Grey, and Erza, it is refreshing to see strong showings from supporting characters like Elfman, Wendy, and especially Laxus. During the tournament, Laxus thrives as he clashes with formidable opponents, allowing him to showcase his true strengths. One of the most memorable battles of the arc occurs when Laxus finds himself in a five-on-one scramble against Alexai, demonstrating his integrity and power.

One of the most anticipated showdowns in the arc is between Laxus and his father’s guild, Raven Tail. The expectations for this confrontation were high, as Laxus’s strength had been consistently showcased, leaving an impressive impact on the surrounding cast. Raven Tail, as an unseen and unique Dark Guild that is separate from the Balam Alliance, had been present in the story for over a hundred chapters, representing a potential opportunity to expand the world of Fairy Tail by introducing independently-motivated antagonists. Unfortunately, while Raven Tail initially acts as a solid thorn in Fairy Tail’s side throughout the first portion of the Games, their designs are forgettable, and their roles in the arc are mostly lackluster.

Although some members of Raven Tail, such as Flare Corona, manage to stand out, ultimately following the common trope of a “heel-to-face” turn that Fairy Tail often relies on, Ivan Dreyer, the guild’s master, becomes the greatest disappointment. He fails to live up to the expectations set by his lineage, especially in comparison to the impressive reputations and impacts that Laxus and Makarov, his son and father respectively, have on the world of Fairy Tail. Ivan quickly proves to be a one-dimensional character who is easily dispatched by his son, leaving a feeling of missed potential. The storyline surrounding Raven Tail ultimately feels like a fizzled one, as the payoff for their build-up turns out to be lackluster.

Amidst the disappointment of Raven Tail, Laxus shines gloriously in his fight. With a display of immense power, Laxus reestablishes Fairy Tail as a top-notch fighting force. The feat of rendering an entire guild powerless and pitiful is a rare and impressive achievement.

In an attempt to force Laxus to reveal guild secrets, Ivan and Raven Tail launch an assault, believing they have the upper hand. Raven Tail was specifically designed as an anti-Fairy Tail group, and they successfully managed to steal victories from Lucy and Grey earlier in the Games. However, each member of Raven Tail swiftly falls to Laxus’s unlimited speed and strength. Laxus’s intelligence becomes apparent as he wastes no time eliminating Obra, who possesses the ability to lock his opponents’ magic abilities. He then proceeds to dispose of Nullpudding, Flare, and Kurohebi in concise order. Finally, with little effort, Laxus shocks his father before delivering the finishing blow with a lightning-empowered punch.

This fight displays the ridiculous power of S-Class wizards from Fairy Tail. While Erza’s epic victory over a hundred monsters serves as a glorious display of power, Laxus’s ability to single-handedly destroy an entire guild showcases a level of awareness and control that rivals the strongest wizards in the world. Laxus not only helps put Fairy Tail back on the map but also restores their admiration and awe-inspiring reputation.

The build-up surrounding Raven Tail had given the impression that they would serve as a proper antagonistic guild for Fairy Tail, propelling Ivan Dreyer to the levels of formidable villains like Hades and Zero. Instead, Laxus’s fight concludes a strange story thread that gets lost in the grandeur of a much larger tale. Nevertheless, his display of wizardly skills and battle intelligence remains one of the arc’s high points, overshadowing the lackluster elements of Raven Tail and reaffirming Fairy Tail’s glory.

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