Fairy Tail’s creator reveals Project Magia

Fairy Tail Creator Announces Project Magia

Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail and Rave Master, is working on a new project called Project Magia. This upcoming video game, developed in collaboration with Marvelous, will showcase Mashima’s distinctive artistic style. Although there is limited information available about Project Magia, fans were given a glimpse of the game’s character art, which clearly bears Mashima’s aesthetic trademarks. This marks Mashima’s return to the world of video games after previously contributing to titles like Gate of Nightmares and Rebecca to Kikai no Yokan. Given the global popularity of Mashima’s artwork, fans are eagerly anticipating Project Magia, especially Fairy Tail enthusiasts who may find the game particularly appealing due to its fantastical title.

For those unfamiliar with Mashima’s work, it is recommended to explore his notable series. Edens Zero is currently being published, but Fairy Tail remains Mashima’s most renowned creation. English translations of the manga are available through Kodansha Comics, and the long-running anime adaptation can be streamed on Netflix. For a brief overview of Fairy Tail, here is the official synopsis:

“In the pursuit of her dream to join Fairy Tail, a club for powerful wizards, Lucy, a charming young wizard, finds herself captured by a group of nefarious pirates led by a cunning magician. Her only hope lies with Natsu, an unconventional hero she encounters during her journey. Natsu is far from your typical protagonist—he suffers from motion sickness, has an insatiable appetite, and his closest companion is a talking cat. With friends like these, will Lucy find herself better off with her enemies?”

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