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In 2015, the highly anticipated Japanese manga series “Fire Force” made its debut, created by the renowned author and illustrator Atsushi Ōkubo, known for his previous work on “Soul Eater.” The success of the manga quickly caught the attention of fans and critics alike, which eventually led to the release of its anime adaptation in 2019 (via IMDb).

“Fire Force” takes audiences on a thrilling journey into a unique universe where firefighting is taken to new extremes. Set in a world where individuals can spontaneously combust and transform into dangerous fire monsters known as Infernals, the story revolves around Shinra Kusakabe, a young man who possesses the rare ability to control fire. As a third-generation pyrokinetic, Shinra becomes a part of Special Fire Force Company 8, a team tasked with extinguishing the Infernals before they wreak havoc and cause irreparable damage.

The “Fire Force” anime series has successfully aired two seasons thus far, with the Season 2 finale captivating fans in May 2021. Since then, anticipation and speculation have been growing regarding what lies ahead in “Fire Force” Season 3. Throughout the series, additional characters with unique pyrokinetic abilities have been introduced, expanding the universe and adding new layers to the narrative. One of these characters is Inca, a Fire Thief who possesses the extraordinary ability to discern a flame’s path through its fragrance. Inca made her debut appearance in Season 2, and her introduction has sparked a considerable amount of discussion and debate among fans.

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However, it seems that Inca hasn’t exactly won over the hearts of Fire Force fans. A Reddit user initiated a thread to express their disapproval of Inca, using a meme that humorously implies fans should not like her. This sentiment is echoed by other users, such as u/DevilShimmer, who elaborates on what they dislike about Inca. They describe her as excessively exaggerated and note that while it may seem unreasonable to complain about a character’s realism in an anime where people possess fire powers, Inca’s portrayal competes with Haumea for the archetype of the “edgy cute psycho girl.” Another Redditor comments on Inca’s character, acknowledging her thrill-seeking nature and her willingness to let others die for her own amusement. It is important to note that for those who have not read the manga, their perception of Inca’s character is solely based on how she is portrayed in the anime.

Interestingly, Inca’s character remains consistent in both the manga and the anime, allowing fans to form their opinions about her in both forms of media. However, one aspect that may differ slightly between the manga and the anime was discussed in an interview with Atsushi Ōkubo conducted by Nuke The Fridge in July 2019. When asked about his expectations for the transition from manga to anime, Ōkubo expressed his excitement about seeing the movement, sound, color, and light of fire depicted in the animated adaptation. He mentioned the challenges of conveying the power and dynamics of fire through static images on paper, making him particularly eager to witness how the anime would bring fire to life.

Considering the high visual quality and attention to detail in the anime’s portrayal of fire, it is no surprise that Inca’s character, despite not being regarded as one of the best in “Fire Force,” was meticulously crafted in both the manga and the anime, benefiting from the vivid and dynamic representation of fire. As fans eagerly await the release of “Fire Force” Season 3, it remains to be seen how the characters, including Inca, will continue to captivate and challenge viewers in this extraordinary firefighting world.

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