Fire Force Season 3: Manga-Inspired Insights

Fire Force Season 3: Manga’s Impact on the Future

The third season of Fire Force holds potential for major revelations that will thrill fans. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect, drawing insights from the manga.

Fire Force, a popular manga-anime series in the shonen genre, stands out with its captivating storyline crafted by Atsushi Ōkubo. The first season premiered in 2019, followed by a quick second season in 2020. Set in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by a massive fire 250 years ago, the series revolves around the Special Fire Brigade, an elite unit of soldiers with extraordinary abilities, tasked with protecting Tokyo and the world from fire-related threats. Special Fire Force Company 8, led by protagonist Shinra Kusakabe, takes center stage amidst the recurring controversies in the anime.

Season 1 introduced Shinra, a third-generation pyrokinetic, as a newly recruited member of Company 8. It unveiled intriguing characters like the determined non-pyrokinetic Company Commander Akitaru Obi, the second-generation Battalion Captain Hinawa, the eccentric Arthur, and the formidable Benimaru Shinmon. A pivotal moment in the first season was the shocking revelation that infernals, beings born from fires, were not random occurrences but the result of a secret organization’s deliberate actions. This discovery led to the exposure of villainous groups like the White-Clad, religious fanatics driven by their devotion to the Evangelist.

Unbeknownst to the Fire Soldiers, the White-Clad had infiltrated the Fire Brigade, with figures like Giovanni, the commander of Special Fire Force Company 3, aiding in the creation of infernals. However, Giovanni’s treachery was unveiled, and a series of events led to the encounter between the Fire Force Brigade and Sho Kusakabe, Shinra’s younger brother and leader of the White-Clad’s Knights. The season climaxed with a heated battle between the brothers, showcasing extraordinary abilities such as time manipulation and superhuman speed. Although the fight ended with unresolved tension, it underscored Shinra’s determination to reclaim his beloved brother.

Season 2 delved into the aftermath of Captain Hague’s death, explored the treacherous Nether, and showcased the power-ups of Arthur and Shinra through rigorous training. The White-Clad continued to play a prominent role, with a notable confrontation between Shinra and the formidable battle tank Charon over Inca, a new recruit with an Adolla Burst. This situation revealed deeper truths about the Adolla, the pure flame, and the connections to the Adolla Link. Ultimately, the White-Clad successfully enlisted Inca, much to Arthur’s dismay.

Additionally, Season 2 focused on the development of side characters like Juggernaut and Tamaki, highlighting Juggernaut’s bravery in protecting Tamaki and allowing her to gain a better understanding of her own abilities. The season concluded with Arthur and Shinra mastering the “Press of Death” technique after enduring grueling training under Benimaru Shinmon, along with the death of Captain Hague.

As for what fans can expect from Season 3, while it hasn’t been officially confirmed, it is likely to pick up from Volume 20 of the manga, following the events of Season 2. Startling developments in the manga closely following the second season’s conclusion offer hints at what lies ahead. Here are some anticipated aspects:

An All-Out War: The next season will likely delve into the power struggle between the White-Clad and the Holy Sol Temple, the core religion of Tokyo, which has influence over the Fire Brigade. This conflict will be driven by a deceptive setup involving Shinra Kusakabe. In a surprising turn of events in the manga, the Tokyo Empire declares Company 8, led by Obi, as enemies of the city. This revelation exposes the true extent of the White-Clad’s capabilities, as they manage to manipulate the Holy Sol Temple into taking action to secure Shinra, who possesses an essential ingredient for replicating the second Great Cataclysm.

Captain Burns’ Surprising Decision & Intense Battle With Shinra: Captain Burns, a formidable Fire Soldier and the commander of the First Brigade, makes unexpected choices in Chapter 187 of the manga. Despite discovering the Evangelist’s involvement in the Great Cataclysm, Burns decides to adhere to her doctrines and the Holy Sol Temple’s requests. This decision is not entirely surprising, given Burns’ unwavering faith and loyalty to the Church. In his pursuit of carrying out the Evangelist’s will, Captain Burns will stop at nothing, even if it means opposing Company 8 and Shinra Kusakabe.

The Revelation of Raffles the 1st Identity: Throughout Season 2, Fire Force explored various theories and conspiracies surrounding Raffles the 1st, the supposed creator of Amaterasu and the Great Holy Sol Temple. Eventually, the manga unveils Raffles’ true identity, shocking readers and highlighting the deep connection between the Church and the White-Clad. While Season 3 has not been officially announced, Chapter 174 of the manga serves as an excellent starting point for those eager to continue the story after the second season.

Fire Force fans have much to look forward to as the series continues its captivating narrative, full of surprises, revelations, and intense battles.

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