Fire Force Season 3: Essential Information

Fire Force

Fire Force: Season 3 – All You Need to Know

Atsushi Ohkubo’s thrilling anime, Fire Force, has become a major success in the world of modern-day anime. Recently, the manga reached an impressive milestone of selling 20 million copies worldwide, increasing the demand for Fire Force: Season 3. Thankfully, the official anime Twitter account has confirmed that a third season is on its way.

Earlier this year, the Fire Force manga concluded after an impressive seven-year run. With a total of 34 volumes, the manga series has become a global best-seller, much like Ohkubo’s other work, Soul Eater. With ample source material available, it’s safe to assume that the anime will continue for quite some time.

Although a specific release date for Fire Force: Season 3 has not been announced, considering the swift renewal of the anime, it’s likely that the third season will air in either the summer or fall of 2023.

The first two seasons of Fire Force consisted of 24 episodes each, and the second season ended around chapter 174 of the manga. With 113 chapters remaining, it’s reasonable to expect a similar episode count for the upcoming season. Additionally, there’s a possibility that the anime may conclude with a movie, a wise decision given the franchise’s large fan base.

Fire Force Season 3 - Everything You Need To Know

While no trailer has been released for Fire Force: Season 3, it’s speculated that David Production, the animation studio behind the first two seasons, will return for the next installment. Known for their impressive animation style and sound design in works like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, having them back would surely please devoted fans of the anime.

Moving on to the storyline, the third season of Fire Force will begin with the Obi’s Rescue arc, which is the sixteenth arc in the manga series. Captain Obi of Company 8 is captured by members of the White-Clad who are posing as soldiers from the Tokyo Army. Their plan is to turn Obi into an Infernal. However, Shinra, who experiences a sudden Adolla Link, teams up with Joker to rescue Captain Obi.

It’s uncertain whether Fire Force: Season 3 will be the final season, but it’s exciting to know that the franchise will return with a new and revitalized entry for fans to enjoy.

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