Exclusive: Loki Season 2 Brings Back He Who Remains

Loki Season 2, set to premiere on October 6th, promises to bring both new characters and adversaries into the spotlight as the God of Mischief embarks on fresh adventures. However, his quest to protect the Sacred Timeline is met with opposition, including the looming presence of Kang the Conqueror and his various incarnations within the Multiverse.

Jonathan Majors is confirmed to return in Season 2 as Victor Timely, a vintage variant of Kang, who was introduced in the post-credit scene of “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.” Timely’s involvement in the show was initially teased via The Cosmic Circus and later confirmed through the official trailer. Yet, Timely isn’t the sole Kang variant making an appearance. We can now reveal that Majors will reprise his role as He Who Remains, the first Kang variant introduced in the MCU, in Loki Season 2. He Who Remains is characterized as one of the more “benevolent” Kang variants.

These scenes featuring He Who Remains are not recycled from the first season finale but entirely new, set at the Citadel at the End of Time and the Void. This return of He Who Remains is expected to provide a significant narrative and emotional closure for both the Loki story and its dedicated fans.


Loki Season 2 continues the story from the season finale, where Loki, alongside Mobius, Hunter B-15, and an array of new and returning characters, grapples with the fate of the Time Variance Authority and the concept of free will. Besides their quest to locate Sylvie, the trailer hints at a pursuit involving Ravonna Renslayer and Miss Minutes, who are embarking on an enigmatic mission.

The highly anticipated second season of Loki arrives on October 6th, exclusively on Disney+. Fans are eager to witness Majors’ multifaceted performance and explore the new challenges and mysteries awaiting the mischievous Loki. Share your thoughts on Majors’ upcoming role and other Marvel projects on various platforms.


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