MAPPA’s latest anime, Bucchigiri, is being compared to Tokyo Revengers in disguise

Characters from Bucchigiri (Image Via Sportskeeda)

Bucchigiri, MAPPA’s new original anime, is a must-watch for fans of Tokyo Revengers. The series, announced at the MAPPA Stage 2023 event, is set to premiere in January 2024 and shares similarities with Tokyo Revengers in terms of its themes and character development.

Bucchigiri follows the story of Araji Tomobishi, a timid high school student who reunites with his childhood friend, Mataka Asamine, the leader of a powerful gang known as Bucchigiri. Asamine invites Tomobishi to join the group and engage in battles against rival gangs vying for control in the city. However, Tomobishi soon discovers the daunting challenges and mysterious threats that await him and his newfound comrades.

While Bucchigiri explores themes of friendship, rivalry, violence, and redemption like Tokyo Revengers, it stands out with its original story and characters. Unlike Tokyo Revengers, which is based on a manga by Ken Wakui, Bucchigiri offers a fresh narrative crafted by the talented team of Hiroko Utsumi, Taku Kishimoto, MAPPA, and Toho. This originality grants the anime creative freedom and the opportunity to delve into unique ideas and directions.

Directed by Hiroko Utsumi (known for Banana Fish and SK8 The Infinity) and written by Taku Kishimoto (who handled the series composition for Ousama Ranking), Bucchigiri promises a modern and urban setting that differentiates it from Tokyo Revengers’ predominantly past-based story. The series boasts a talented team, including character designer Takahiro Kagami (from Zettai Karen Children) and composer Michiru Oshima (known for the soundtrack of Yagate Kimi ni Naru).

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As one of MAPPA’s highly anticipated projects, Bucchigiri is expected to deliver stunning visuals, intense action, and thrilling storytelling—making it a captivating experience for fans of Tokyo Revengers and enthusiasts of action-packed thriller anime.

To provide a brief summary of Tokyo Revengers, the series revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, a dispirited 26-year-old who learns about the death of his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, in a clash involving the Tokyo Manji Gang. Through a mysterious time-travel phenomenon, Takemichi is sent back to his middle school days, where he aims to alter the future and prevent Hinata’s tragic fate. The story delves into Takemichi’s involvement with the gang, his encounters with its members, and his quest to change the course of events leading to Hinata’s death and the rise of the menacing Tetta Kisaki within the organization.

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