Disney XD’s ‘Kick Buttowski’ creator recalls suburban daredevil days on Toon Tuesday

“In the days prior to the dominance of video games, the childhood experiences of suburban boys were distinct. On Saturdays, boys aged 9 to 13 would select their weapon of adventure – be it a skateboard, bicycle, or scooter. They’d venture out into their neighborhoods, adhering to the rule of returning home once the streetlights illuminated. Sandro Corsaro reminisces about this world, having grown up in Stoneham, MA, where he cruised the cul-de-sac, learning skateboard tricks on Nixon Lane. He aimed to recapture that feeling when he created Disney XD’s ‘Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.’

Corsaro delved into conversations with Chris Savino to recapture the essence of growing up in the 1970s suburban landscape. The concept was to have kids challenge the safety and conformity of suburbia for wild, stunt-filled adventures. At the heart of this Emmy-nominated series is Clarence ‘Kick’ Buttowski, a young boy determined to become the greatest daredevil. Voiced by Charlie Schlatter, Kick devises daring stunts and wears a crash helmet along with an Evil Knievel-style jumpsuit.

Corsaro drew inspiration from his family for the characters. Kick’s sister Brianna is modeled after Corsaro’s overachieving sibling, and his older brother influenced the character Wade. Kick’s parents, Harold and Denise Buttowski, draw from Corsaro’s own parents, as he jests that his animated series has added years to his dad’s life.

The show is full of references to Stoneham, MA, Corsaro’s hometown, adding an authentic touch to the series. Corsaro and the ‘Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil’ team attended Comic-Con International, where Corsaro engaged with fans and was energized by their enthusiasm.

As the show heads into Season 2, Corsaro anticipates the introduction of new characters and surprises. His journey, from working on ‘The Iron Giant’ to becoming the creator of ‘Kick Buttowski,’ has been a fulfilling ride that earned him recognition, even making it to the front page of the Boston Globe.”

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