Death Threats Sent to ‘DARLING In The FRANKXX’ Team After Controversial Episode

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“The anime fandom finds itself embroiled in a heated controversy surrounding a particular episode of DARLING in the FRANKXX, leading to unsettling consequences. Following the release of the latest episode, tensions have flared, causing a significant number of fans to express their displeasure through death threats, leaving many casual anime enthusiasts perplexed and concerned by the sudden escalation of hostility.

For those unfamiliar with the controversy surrounding DARLING in the FRANKXX, it revolves around a fierce shipping war within the show’s narrative. The story revolves around Hiro, a kind-hearted young man who develops feelings for Zero Two, a girl with monstrous characteristics, in their post-apocalyptic world. However, Ichigo, a smart and affectionate girl, finds herself caught up in the turmoil as she harbors deep affection for Hiro. In the recent episode, Ichigo finally mustered the courage to confess her feelings.

Viewers witnessed Ichigo’s desperate attempt to prevent Hiro from pursuing Zero Two after the latter was forcibly taken away by her handlers. Zero Two’s betrayal of her squad left Hiro stunned yet unwavering in his love for her. As Hiro attempted to reach Zero Two to seek answers, Ichigo physically restrained him, expressing her concern that he might succumb to the same fate as his crush. When her pleas failed to dissuade Hiro, Ichigo, in an emotionally charged moment, decided to seal her confession with a passionate kiss.

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This pivotal scene elicited an outpouring of support from fans who ship Hiro and Ichigo together, while fans who support Hiro’s relationship with Zero Two were left seething with anger. Numerous hashtags flooded social media, filled with derogatory remarks targeting Ichigo after the episode aired. Regrettably, this animosity escalated to an alarming extent, with a handful of overly zealous fans resorting to sending death threats to both the voice actress portraying Ichigo and the show’s animation producer, Yuichi Fukushima. The gravity of these reactions has sparked a fierce debate among anime fans, with many denouncing the disproportionate response (via ANN).

For those interested in watching the series, DARLING in the FRANXX is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW. Crunchyroll describes the show as follows:

“In the distant future, humanity has established Plantation, a mobile fort city, on a desolate wasteland, and civilization thrives within its walls. The children residing in Plantation, living in pilot quarters known as Mistilteinn or the ‘Birdcage,’ are completely oblivious to the outside world and the vast sky above. Their sole purpose in life is to engage in battle.

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Their adversaries are enigmatic colossal organisms called Kyoryu. The children operate FRANXX robots to confront these yet unseen enemies, believing it to be their raison d’être. Among them is Hiro, once hailed as a child prodigy with the codename 016. However, he is now considered a failure, an unnecessary existence. In this world, those who cannot pilot FRANXX are essentially non-existent. One fateful day, a mysterious girl named Zero Two appears before Hiro, her countenance adorned with two captivating horns.”

As the discussions surrounding DARLING in the FRANKXX continue, it is crucial to foster respectful dialogue and promote a healthy appreciation for the diverse perspectives within the anime community.”

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