The Future of DARLING in the FRANXX: A Youth in Revolt

DARLING in the FRANXX - Previous Squad 13 Photo

“The Uncertain Future of Squad 13 in DARLING in the FRANXX: A Youth in Revolt”

The teenage years, filled with excitement and confusion, often serve as a backdrop for anime narratives. Within this period of adolescence, characters experience a myriad of new emotions and confront the challenges of growing up. DARLING in the FRANXX, a series set in a post-apocalyptic world, takes this concept to another level, intertwining the teenage experience with a dystopian narrative.

In this future world, humanity seeks refuge in biodome “Plantations” due to the threat of klaxosaurs, formidable creatures that roam the surface. The defense against these creatures lies in the hands of young pilots who operate FRANXX mechas. The fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of these underage pilots, creating a unique premise for the series.

The children of Squad 13, the central focus of DARLING in the FRANXX, have had far from a normal upbringing. Raised in a research facility known as “The Garden,” they were subjected to constant testing and denied the simple pleasure of having names. Those deemed unworthy were banished from the group, their destinies unknown. This peculiar setup raises questions about the purpose and motives behind their existence.

FRANXX - The Squad 13 boys interrogating Hiro

Throughout the series, subtle clues have been dropped, hinting at the potential fate awaiting Squad 13. Zorome, an excitable and curious character, yearns to experience adulthood in the secretive city but is met with silence and uncertainty when he inquires about the fate of previous squads. Zorome’s encounter with an elderly woman in the city, along with references to “infected children,” suggests a darker truth lurking beneath the surface. Could the term “parasites” used to describe the FRANXX pilots be connected to a hidden condition or quarantine? Miku’s discovery of a sealed bedroom and a photograph of the presumed deceased Squad 13 adds further intrigue to their potential future.

Moreover, a revelation in episode 15 introduces the possibility of Squad 13 being connected to the klaxosaurs on a fundamental level. Zero Two, a hybrid of human and klaxosaur, plays a pivotal role in unraveling the mysteries surrounding the parasites. This raises questions about the origins of the squad members themselves and whether their conception and birth followed conventional means.

With these seeds of uncertainty planted, the mortality of Squad 13 becomes a looming question. Are the dangers they face in battling klaxosaurs merely expected risks, or could there be underlying conditions or side effects tied to their unique development or exposure to klaxosaurs? If adulthood is not part of their future, what other perils might they encounter?

DARLING in the FRANXX - Papa

Amidst the uncertainties and challenges, DARLING in the FRANXX also explores the theme of burgeoning romance during the characters’ teenage years. The exploration of romantic relationships and the effects of emotional connections on the battlefield add depth to the series. The compatibility of the FRANXX co-pilots and the impact of their personal relationships on their performance highlight the interplay between personal growth and combat prowess.

Beyond the romantic drama, the concept of parental rebellion emerges as a potential catalyst for the endgame of DARLING in the FRANXX. The Seven Sages, led by the enigmatic figure known as “Papa,” govern the plantations and hold sway over the pilots. The desire for parental approval and the constraints imposed by authority figures often give rise to rebellion during the teenage years. As the children of Squad 13 develop and mature, their disillusionment with Papa and the rules imposed upon them may ignite a rebellion of unprecedented proportions.

As DARLING in the FRANXX approaches its conclusion, the mysteries surrounding Papa, the assumed fate of Squad 13, and the potential for teenage rebellion create a sense of uncertainty about the future. Will the squad defy the expectations set for them and forge their own path? Only time will reveal the true destiny of Squad 13 and the impact of their youth in this tumultuous world.

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