A 45-foot-tall Maleficent dragon caught fire during Disneyland’s Fantasmic! show

disney fire breathing dragons

A fire erupted during Disneyland Park’s nighttime spectacle, Fantasmic!, when the towering 45-foot Maleficent dragon suddenly burst into flames during its final performance. According to officials from Disneyland, the fire was swiftly extinguished by the prompt response of Anaheim Fire & Rescue. While no serious injuries were reported, some Disneyland staff members were treated for potential smoke inhalation, but they were subsequently released after evaluation on-site, as stated by Sgt. Jonathan McClintock, spokesperson for Anaheim Fire & Rescue and Anaheim Police Department.

The incident occurred during a packed showing of Fantasmic!, which incorporates live character performances, pyrotechnics, and other captivating special effects. Ryan Laux, a Los Angeles-based video producer who was present during the fire, described the occurrence as a significant fireball followed by an evacuation effort.

Disneyland officials expressed their commitment to safety and stated that due to the ongoing investigation into the cause of the fire, similar fire effects used in Fantasmic! will be temporarily suspended in various shows and entertainment experiences worldwide. Their priority remains the protection and well-being of both guests and cast members.

disneyland fantasmic dragon

Fantasmic! originally premiered in 1992 and underwent updates in 2009 and 2017. The show has been an iconic part of Disneyland’s entertainment offerings, drawing crowds with its mesmerizing blend of live performances and visual effects. A distinct version of Fantasmic! was introduced at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida back in 1998.

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