14 Pixar & Superhero Easter Eggs in The Incredibles

  1. A113:
    • Reference: The room number “A113” is a recurring Easter egg in Pixar films. It’s a nod to the classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where many animators, including those at Pixar, learned their craft.
    • In “The Incredibles”: You can spot A113 on a computer screen when Helen Parr, a.k.a. Elastigirl, is researching Syndrome.
  2. Knick Knack:
    • Reference: “Knick Knack” is a 1989 Pixar short film that was later included with the release of “Finding Nemo” on DVD.
    • In “The Incredibles”: A snow globe featuring a scene from “Knick Knack” can be seen in Dash’s classroom.
  3. The Pizza Planet Truck:
    • Reference: The Pizza Planet truck is a recurring Easter egg in many Pixar films, starting with “Toy Story” in 1995.
    • In “The Incredibles”: The Pizza Planet truck makes a cameo during the high-speed chase scene.
  4. The Luxo Ball:
    • Reference: The Luxo Ball is another iconic Pixar element, inspired by the Luxo Jr. lamp in Pixar’s first short film, “Luxo Jr.”
    • In “The Incredibles”: The ball is seen in Dash’s room.
  5. The Iron Giant:
    • Reference: “The Iron Giant” is a beloved animated film directed by Brad Bird, who also directed “The Incredibles.”
    • In “The Incredibles”: When Dash is going through his backpack, you can see a copy of “The Iron Giant” comic book.
  6. Mr. Incredible’s Car:
    • Reference: Mr. Incredible’s car is modeled after the 1966 Chrysler Newport.
    • In “The Incredibles”: The car makes several appearances in the film, and it’s a nod to the “silver age” of comic books.
  7. The Underminer:
    • Reference: The Underminer is a character introduced at the end of “The Incredibles” and is a nod to classic “cliffhanger” serials.
    • In “The Incredibles”: The film ends with the Underminer tunneling up from beneath the ground.
  8. Golden Age Superheroes:
    • Reference: “The Incredibles” is heavily influenced by Golden Age superhero comics, particularly those from the 1940s.
    • In “The Incredibles”: The film’s retro design and superhero tropes pay homage to this era.
  9. Fantasy & Spy Elements:
    • Reference: “The Incredibles” combines elements of superhero, fantasy, and spy genres.
    • In “The Incredibles”: The film draws inspiration from spy films, which were popular during the time when classic superhero comics were created.
  10. Cape Trope:
    • Reference: Edna Mode’s strict “no capes” policy in “The Incredibles” is a playful commentary on the often perilous fates of caped superheroes.
    • In “The Incredibles”: The film humorously showcases the dangers of wearing a cape while fighting villains.
  11. Syndrome’s Lair:
    • Reference: Syndrome’s lair includes a variety of Easter eggs and references, including giant killer robots reminiscent of classic sci-fi movies.
    • In “The Incredibles”: The lair’s design pays tribute to the supervillain hideouts of classic superhero stories.
  12. Honey Best:
    • Reference: Frozone’s wife, Honey, who is never seen on screen, is known for her humorous off-screen interactions with her husband.
    • In “The Incredibles”: Honey’s humorous voiceovers and Frozone’s interactions with her are a recurring gag in the film.
  13. Samuel L. Jackson Reference:
    • Reference: Samuel L. Jackson, who voices Frozone, is known for his roles in various action and superhero films.
    • In “The Incredibles”: The film makes playful nods to Jackson’s other roles, adding humor to Frozone’s character.
  14. Family Dynamics:
    • Reference: “The Incredibles” explores family dynamics within the superhero context.
    • In “The Incredibles”: The film uses the superhero setting to examine relatable family issues and dynamics, making it more than just a superhero movie.

These Easter eggs and references in “The Incredibles” add depth and humor to the film, making it an enjoyable experience for both superhero and Pixar fans.

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