What The Fantastic Four Comics Teach Us About the MCU Film

Marvel Studios has unveiled a selection of Marvel Comics issues that served as inspiration for “The Fantastic Four,” offering potential insights into the storyline of the upcoming project. Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios’ head, hinted at the development of “The Fantastic Four” back in 2019, but significant updates have only recently emerged regarding the MCU reboot of Marvel’s First Family. The casting announcements in February, including Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as the MCU’s Fantastic Four, followed by Julia Garner’s addition as Shalla-Bal’s Silver Surfer in April, hint at more character debuts and plot threads for the highly anticipated project.

Following Julia Garner’s casting as the Silver Surfer, Marvel recommended five Marvel Comics issues to read ahead of “The Fantastic Four” release in July 2025. These include the 1961 “Fantastic Four #1,” 1966’s “Fantastic Four #48,” #49, and #50, and 2021’s “Fantastic Four: Life Story #1,” each containing significant storylines in the Fantastic Four’s history. These comic issues may shed light on the direction Marvel Studios is taking with “The Fantastic Four,” teasing major villains, intriguing supporting characters, and pivotal events in the MCU’s reimagining of the Fantastic Four.

  1. Exploring the Team’s Origin Story:
    • Both “Fantastic Four #1” and “Fantastic Four: Life Story #1” delve into the team’s origin story, suggesting that the MCU’s “The Fantastic Four” may explore this aspect. The exposure to cosmic rays that granted Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm their abilities, leading to their emergence as superheroes, could be a central narrative in Phase 6.
  2. Potential Introduction of Mole Man as the First Villain:
    • “Fantastic Four #1” introduces Mole Man as the team’s initial adversary, showcasing his attempts to conquer the surface world with his mole-human hybrids. While more powerful villains have been teased, Mole Man’s introduction could serve as a smaller-scale conflict for the Fantastic Four’s debut MCU adventure.
  3. Potential Return of Black Bolt & The Inhumans:
    • “Fantastic Four #48” sees the Fantastic Four collaborating with Black Bolt and the Inhumans against the threat posed by Black Bolt’s brother, Maximus the Magnificent. Given Black Bolt’s previous MCU appearance and the Inhumans’ potential connection to the main continuity, their return in “The Fantastic Four” could expand the MCU’s cosmic landscape.
  4. Debut of Norrin Radd’s Silver Surfer Alongside Shalla-Bal:
    • While Julia Garner portrays Shalla-Bal’s Silver Surfer, the recommended comics feature Norrin Radd’s debut as the original Silver Surfer. This suggests that both versions may appear in Phase 6, offering a glimpse into the cosmic realm and potentially setting the stage for another villain’s introduction.
  5. Galactus as the Primary Antagonist:
    • Issues #48, #49, and #50 explore Galactus’ looming threat to Earth, hinting at his introduction in “The Fantastic Four.” Rumors surrounding Galactus’ involvement have circulated for years, indicating his significance to the Fantastic Four’s mythology and the broader MCU narrative.
  6. Possible Debut of The Watcher:
    • “Fantastic Four #48” features the Watcher’s return, warning the Fantastic Four about Galactus and breaking his oath of non-interference. With previous MCU appearances and Jeffrey Wright’s portrayal in “What If…?,” the Watcher’s live-action debut could provide crucial guidance and tie-ins to the broader MCU universe.
  7. Alicia Masters’ Role and the X-Men Connection:
    • Alicia Masters’ introduction in “The Fantastic Four” could flesh out Ben Grimm’s backstory and possibly hint at the X-Men’s future involvement. Her connection to both Ben Grimm and the Inhumans could pave the way for intriguing narrative threads and character developments.
  8. Potential Spanning of Several Years:
    • “Fantastic Four: Life Story #1” spans eight years, suggesting that “The Fantastic Four” in the MCU may not be confined to a single time period. This approach could allow for a comprehensive exploration of the team’s evolution and major events in their lives.
  9. Introduction of Reed & Sue’s Son, Franklin Richards:
    • “Fantastic Four: Life Story #1” explores the birth of Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s son, Franklin Richards, whose mutant abilities could significantly impact the MCU. Previous teases in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” hint at Franklin and Valeria Richards’ existence, setting the stage for their potential debut.
  10. Possibility of Introducing The Future Foundation:
    • Marvel’s recommendation under the Future Foundation banner suggests the potential introduction of this organization in “The Fantastic Four.” As philanthropic leaders striving to better humanity, the Future Foundation’s inclusion could lay the groundwork for future MCU storylines and character developments.

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