Top 10 Kakegurui Characters: A Ranking Based on Popularity

Yumeko crossing her fingers
  1. Yumeko Jabami – Yumeko is the central character of Kakegurui and one of the most beloved characters in the series. Her fearless and compulsive gambling style, combined with her enigmatic personality, has captivated fans. Yumeko’s unpredictable nature and love for high-stakes games make her an exciting and thrilling character to watch.
  2. Ryota Suzui – Ryota is a key character who becomes deeply involved in Yumeko’s gambling adventures. Initially timid and submissive, he undergoes significant character development throughout the series. As Yumeko’s loyal friend and ally, Ryota’s journey from being a victim of the school’s harsh hierarchy to finding his own voice has resonated with fans.
  3. Mary Saotome – Mary is introduced as a rival to Yumeko but eventually forms a unique bond with her. Known for her exceptional gambling skills, she aims to regain her lost status and seeks revenge against those who have wronged her. Her strategic thinking and determination have made her a fan-favorite character.
  4. Kirari Momobami – As the student council president, Kirari is a pivotal character in Kakegurui. Her mysterious agenda and manipulative nature add depth to the series. Known for her cold and calculated demeanor, she wields immense power within the academy and often sets the stage for intense gambling matches.
  5. Itsuki Sumeragi – Itsuki is a member of the student council and a talented gambler in her own right. Her calculating and strategic approach to gambling sets her apart. Itsuki’s ambition and desire to climb the social hierarchy make her an intriguing character with a compelling storyline.
  6. Midari Ikishima – Midari is a wild and unpredictable character who brings an element of danger and thrill to the series. Her reckless gambling style, fueled by her desire for excitement, adds a unique flavor to the narrative. Midari’s unyielding devotion to her own brand of gambling makes her a memorable presence.
  7. Runa Yomozuki – As the observer and enforcer of the academy’s gambling rules, Runa brings a whimsical and cheerful energy to the series. Her childlike innocence masks a deep understanding of the games and their underlying dynamics. Runa’s role as the gatekeeper of the academy’s gambling matches adds an element of intrigue and tension.
  8. Kaede Manyuda – Kaede is a skilled gambler known for his rationality and calculated approach. Often serving as a foil to Yumeko’s unpredictable style, Kaede values logic and strategic thinking. His analytical mindset and desire to maintain control make him an interesting character within the Kakegurui universe.
  9. Yumemi Yumemite – Yumemi is a popular idol and a cunning gambler who knows how to use her celebrity status to gain an advantage in the world of gambling. Her ability to manipulate others and put on a façade adds layers to her character. Yumemi’s presence as a rising star in the academy adds glamour and complexity to the series.
  10. Rei Batsubami – Rei is a mysterious transfer student who harbors a hidden agenda. Her desire to expose the dark secrets of Hyakkou Private Academy creates an air of intrigue and suspense. Rei’s role as a catalyst for change and her interactions with other characters make her an important figure in the Kakegurui storyline.

Note: This ranking is based on the characters’ popularity among fans of the Kakegurui series, considering their personalities, character development, and impact on the overall narrative.

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