The upcoming Mario film should feature Paper Mario

Adapting the spin-off series could provide Illumination an opportunity to explore different animation styles, injecting fresh creativity into the Mario movie franchise. The sequel announcement for the Super Mario Bros. Movie, unveiled on MAR10 with the presence of Mario’s esteemed creator Shigeru Miyamoto alongside Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri in a surprise Nintendo Direct, has sparked anticipation among fans. Despite the confirmed release date and Illumination’s continued involvement, details regarding the film’s direction and content remain scarce, leaving enthusiasts eager to uncover what lies ahead.

The first installment of the Mario movie franchise primarily drew inspiration from the mainline games, offering a glimpse into a focused portion of the expansive Mario universe. However, this approach left vast realms unexplored, including beloved characters like Yoshi, Waluigi, and Wario, who failed to make an appearance. With ample room for expansion, the sequel presents an opportunity to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of Mario lore and incorporate elements from the franchise’s diverse spin-off series.

Among these spin-offs, the Paper Mario series stands out as a potential goldmine of creative possibilities. Renowned for its distinctive 2D pop-up book aesthetic and innovative gameplay mechanics, Paper Mario offers a fresh perspective on the classic Mario universe. By integrating elements from Paper Mario into the sequel’s animation style, Illumination could breathe new life into the franchise, captivating audiences with visually stunning imagery and immersive storytelling.

Moreover, the decision to explore Paper Mario’s unique art style could help distinguish the sequel from its predecessor and set it apart in an increasingly competitive market. While Illumination has achieved commercial success with its clean and polished 3D animation, the studio has yet to receive widespread critical acclaim on par with its peers. Embracing Paper Mario’s whimsical visuals and inventive design could elevate the sequel to new heights, garnering praise for its innovative approach to animation.

In recent years, the animation landscape has undergone a transformative shift, with films like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse revolutionizing the genre through their bold experimentation with different artistic styles. While other studios have embraced this trend, Illumination has remained relatively conservative in its approach, opting for a more conventional aesthetic in its recent releases.

However, the upcoming Mario sequel presents an opportunity for Illumination to break free from convention and embrace the spirit of innovation. By incorporating elements from Paper Mario’s imaginative world into the sequel’s animation, the studio can showcase its versatility and adaptability, demonstrating a willingness to push boundaries and explore new creative horizons.

In doing so, Illumination can position itself at the forefront of animation innovation, earning accolades for its bold vision and imaginative storytelling. As audiences eagerly await the release of the Mario sequel, the prospect of experiencing the whimsical charm of Paper Mario brought to life on the big screen is sure to generate excitement and anticipation among fans worldwide.

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