The live-action remake of “How to Train Your Dragon” is pulling back and shifting its release date further into 2025

Main poster for Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon 2, featuring the main cast.

The anticipated theatrical return of Hiccup and the beloved characters from Dreamworks’ “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise is experiencing a minor setback, navigating the challenges posed by the ongoing actors’ strike. Originally slated for release on March 14, 2025, the live-action remake of the first film has now adjusted its schedule, with the new release date set for June 13 of the same year. This shift not only signals the impact of the actors’ strike on production timelines but also underscores the broader implications for the entertainment industry.

The strike, currently in its 113th day, has been disrupting various film projects, pushing studios to reassess and reschedule release dates. The “How to Train Your Dragon” remake was initially slated to commence production in Belfast in August, but these plans were thwarted by the ongoing strike, which has significantly affected the casting and production processes.

As negotiations between the studios and SAG-AFTRA unfold, the fate of the strike remains uncertain. A recent offer from the studios is currently under review, and discussions are expected to continue over the weekend. The outcome of these negotiations holds the key to ending the strike, potentially mitigating further disruptions to film schedules.

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Despite the challenges, two cast members have been confirmed for the remake: Mason Thames, known for “The Black Phone,” will take on the role of Hiccup, a young Viking aspiring to become a dragon slayer, while Nico Parker, recognized for “The Last of Us,” is set to portray Astrid, a fellow dragon slayer and eventual love interest.

This delay in the “How to Train Your Dragon” remake serves as a poignant illustration of the wider industry struggles during the strike, with ripple effects reaching far into the future release calendar. The uncertainty surrounding the strike has led to a reevaluation of production timelines, potentially impacting not only films initially slated for release in 2025 but also those planned for 2024. As the studios and actors’ union navigate negotiations, the industry is bracing for potential shifts and delays that could extend well into the coming years.

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